Your Essential Rebranding Checklist

by | Jun 2, 2018

Your essential rebranding checklist is finally here!  At iGina we started 2018 with a big bang including a refreshed brand and new website. You could say, we started the new year in style =)

Conjuring remarkable brands is what we do, and often times, we help the brands we build to launch into the world, too.

But having recently been through the process ourselves, we saw first-hand how important it is to be organized well in advance for this sort of thing. There are simply so many moving parts that it’s easy to overlook important consistency elements.  And we want to share this with you in a handy checklist.

We’ve put together this essential rebranding checklist for any business thinking about taking the leap to securing their companies future with a brand refresh or new brand. If you choose to go at your brand launch yourself, this list will be your guide.

Reasons its time for a rebrand

There can be many different reasons why its time for a brand refresh. Here at iGina, I realized that since my business first launched four years ago, we’d grown and developed so much. I didn’t feel like our brand was connected to what we were doing anymore. That’s one of the ways I knew it was time to update the brand.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 reasons its time to change and refresh your brand.

#1 Mergers, acquisitions and demergers

Changes in business ownership, such as mergers, acquisitions, and demergers, result in an immediate rebranding.

#2 Changing Markets

Changes in your business market may mean that unless you evolve your very business could be under threat

#3 Outdated image

One of the most common reasons for undertaking a rebranding project is modernization.

#4 Bad reputation 

If a brand has a bad reputation and this is having a serious impact on results, rebranding can breathe a fresh new start into a business.

So if you can connect with any of the above reasons, its time to keep on ready, At iGina we know that launching brand —whether it’s a new version or an entirely new concept—can be a complex, and often overwhelming process. We hope this checklist will help make your launch a little less so.

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Rebranding Checklist

If you’re taking a rebrand on alone, then this is your essential rebranding checklist to launch day! Make sure you tick off all these items to successfully complete a rebrand alone.

Who Are We?

  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Name (if new)
  • Core message
  • Tagline / Slogan Descriptions
  • Launch plan


  • Develop a re-branding campaign

Social Media

  • Accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube)
  • New graphics
  • Notify all your friends and followers
  • Advertising


  • New email addresses
  • New email signatures
  • Email template
  • Launch email notifying customers

Marketing Materials

  • PowerPoint templates and presentations that are still in use
  • Word templates Brochures, flyers, education materials, other print
  • Trade show booth
  • Poster presentations
  • Case studies, white papers, customer testimonials, etc.
  • TV and radio spots if applicable
  • Digital banner ads if applicable
  • Newsletter/e-newsletter templates
  • Videos and product demos
  • Customer-facing training materials
  • Promotional items (pens, notepads, etc.)
  • Print and Collateral
  • Business cards, email signatures, and addresses
  • Info sheets
  • Letterhead, envelopes, labels, folders, coversheets
  • Telephone greetings and messages

Human Resources

  • Employee handbook
  • Job descriptions
  • Training materials
  • Employee agreements

Legal / Finance

  • Tax documents
  • KVK / chamber of commerce
  • Contracts
  • Statements
  • Invoices
  • Accounting software


  • Content
  • Images
  • On-page search engine optimization (SEO): Titles, Keywords, Meta Descriptions
  • Cross browser checks
  • Web feed (RSS) links
  • Business directories
  • Web directories
  • Partner listings
  • Update your listings in applicable online directories.
  • Send updated logo and name/descriptions to any partners, networks

Who am I?

I am a brand strategist and my mission is to help business owners all over the world to break through their business barriers and realize their brand potential, sometimes for the very first time.

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