Instagram-worthy photo? SEO keywords? Twitter-feed content? Good-old fashioned flyers? Videos? How in the world do you know what the right thing is to do with your brand. 

With the different ways to connect with customers, one of the biggest challenges with modern marketing is keeping the messaging dynamic, yet consistent.

Somehow, the communications from your business, across all the potential modern and traditional platforms, must fit the channel and be tailored to the audience, but still be recognizable and harmonious with the overall brand.

Maintaining brand consistency, while still allowing evolution and elements of surprise, can be overwhelming and confusing.

What should a modern forward-thinking business like yours do?

The brand-obsessed team at iGina is excited by this challenge! We love the wide variety of marketing tools available and we are here to help your team understand how to make uniform and unique messaging.

To help you get started we will tell you about the three elements that will help you develop marketing that is both creative and consistent. The basic steps to achieving brand consistency:

  • Definition
  • Communication
  • Innovation


First thing first, before you create your marketing you need to define your brand and your audience.

The brand is the foundation of marketing strategy and activities.

Urgent: Your brand is not a logo!

  • It is the basis of who your company is and what your business does.
  • It is the heart and soul of your business.
  • It is how your business will stand out among your competitors and connect with your customers.

Yes, the visual component of the brand (logo, font, colors, images, etc) is key to consistent visual marketing, but you need to have a strategy first, and then the design will truly convey the brand.

Having a clear brand is the starting point for creating harmonious messaging to your desired customers.

And who are your customers?

Again, it’s best practice to define your customers when creating communications for them. Defining your audience involves not just knowing their demographics and how to reach them. Consider this:

  • What really makes them tick?
  • What are their fears?
  • Their goals?
  • What would make them choose your business instead of your competitors?
  • And how you do solve their problems?

Having clearly defined customer segments will enable your communications team to develop unique messaging.

If you truly have a defined brand, then it will be much easier to make the messaging tailored while fitting to the overall brand.

Expert tip: The iGina team will help solidify your brand and define the audience simultaneously.

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Achieving brand consistency across various touchpoints and multiple platforms is a group effort.

Your entire team (not just the marketing and communication staff) ­needs to know the brand – inside and out!

Of course, the marketing and communications team needs to clearly understand the brand and marketing strategies as they design the marketing activities to boost your business and prepare communications for your customers.

But the entire company must be infused your brand.

Why? Because each member of your business interacts with your customers one way or another. Each member of your team plays a part in the customer journey and each customer touchpoint (read more about customer touchpoints and how they are changing here) must be coherent with the brand.

Therefore, the brand must be first communicated consistently to all employees for the brand to be communicated consistently to the target client groups.

Expert tip: Having a brand book will help everyone on your team know, love and live the brand


Lastly, creating and maintaining brand consistency across all channels is hard enough, but always remember that introducing something new will be continuously important.

Your brand and business will evolve. In fact, it must evolve in order to survive.

Adding in some new element (for example, a new tagline or new image that is still a part of your brand’s personality) may help you connect to your customer is an exciting way or even attract a new client.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little and see how your audience and clients respond. You may discover hidden gems in your brand that you didn’t know existed – and if this connects with your changing customer base this may tell you that it’s time to re-brand as well?

Achieving brand consistency is so important to make your company recognizable and trustworthy.

Remember to define your brand and your audience, then communicate your brand to your whole team. At the same, while striving to be uniform and coherent, do add some new ideas to the mix too.

This is a challenge for sure -especially if you are scaling across countries and cultures. There are resources to help and the iGina Brand Alchemy Library (it’s new!)  will help you to transform your business dreams a reality.

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The Way Forward

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