Welcome Rozanne, Vanessa and Plamen to the iGina Team!8 min read

This year is shaping up to be amazing for iGina Marketing, and what better way to start it, than by introducing 3 amazing new rockstar interns to the team? I sat down with Plamen, Vanessa, and Rozanne with a cup of coffee and got to know them a bit better.

Rozanne, PR and Communications Intern

Hi! I’m Rozanne, I’m Kurdish, but born in the Netherlands. I’m studying International Business and Languages at Hogeschool Utrecht, and in my spare time, I love shopping, spending time with my friends and reading about Japanese culture.

When I saw the internship come up at iGina Marketing, and after I researched the company, I decided that this was a great role for me to develop my skills and learn new things in the field of PR, Marketing and Branding. I’ll be writing my thesis alongside the internship, so it’s important I can put my studies and skills into real-life practice.

I’m inspired by Gina’s entrepreneurship. From the moment I interviewed for the position, to my first visit and feeling such a positive vibe from everyone, I knew that this was a place I could learn so much from. I am inspired by the passion for marketing and branding, and I know that this will guide me on my own entrepreneur journey in the future.

My favorite writer, Paulo Coehlo wrote:

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

I feel that this is really true about the internship with iGina – it will help my dreams come true.

Plamen, Marketing Intern

My name is Plamen, and I’m originally from Bulgaria. I’m a final year International Student at the Hague University, and I’m studying Communications Management. I’m really passionate about Digital Marketing and Social Media, which really what attracted me to the internship at iGina Marketing.

I recently came back from a 6-month Marketing and Social Media internship in New York City and decided to do a second internship before entering the job market, so I can further my marketing and social media skills. I’m looking forward to really developing these skills through workshops, training, brainstorming and sharing ideas, and really just learning as much as I possibly can to benefit myself.

This internship also gives me a chance to polish my SEO and CRM skills, as well as being able to work with people from diverse and interesting backgrounds on so many new and fresh projects in the company.

In my spare time, I love to travel and learn about new cultures, and create memories, and explore new places. I’m also passionate about a healthy lifestyle and being active. I’m really looking forward to my experience here at iGina Marketing and being able to use what I know in practice.

Vanessa, Consulting and Project Planning

Vanessa is joining the Seuss Consulting team, but will be working on some iGina projects due to the new collective between us. I’d love you to meet her as she’s going to be around our office as well!

I’m Vanessa, and I’m originally from Berlin but have lived in a few different countries, including Thailand, Scotland, and now the Netherlands. I love being part of an international, diverse community and I’m excited to be a part of the international team at iGina Marketing.

A little about me, I LOVE coffee and am always open for a chat. I also love to crochet, and this year I plan to learn to do macrame. I also love to dance, with a passion for standard and latin dancing, but I’ve also studied mixed martial arts. I also love to travel and learn about other cultures, especially traditional foods and dishes.

I’m studying for my masters in Organizational Psychology at UU, so I’ll be writing my thesis about ethical business conduct alongside my internship.

What I’m hoping to achieve in this internship is to understand more about each client, and what their needs are, as well as learning a little more about iGina Marketing as a business. What I love about this internship is the challenges – learning by being involved, but also learning by doing and having a hands-on experience in an industry I have not been in before.

Vanessa, Plamen and Rozanne, I’m looking forward to working with all of you over the next month and watching you put your amazing skills into practice here at iGina Marketing. If you see them around the office, or in a workshop, don’t forget to say hi!


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