We Are Delighted to Welcome Matyas to the Team!6 min read

iGina is excited to have a new team member onboard—Matyas Szucs, graphic design intern, and brand whiz!

A native of Hungary, Matyas moved to the Netherlands to attend The Hague University of Applied Science just over two years ago. He was inspired to relocate after two of his siblings moved to study at the same university and loved living here in the Netherlands.

Matyas will be with us for about four months, and he is enthusiastic to absorb as much learning as he can while he is here. He is responsible for all things graphic design, creating visual materials to help clients with their branding.

So far, he is enjoying the ride!

“I imagine that I will do something similar after I graduate. I love learning from the inside out and seeing the process of branding unfold” –Matyas Szucs

When asked about his experience at iGina so far, Matyas said that he loves the environment! Our flat hierarchical structure makes him feel like a true member of the team. He feels that interns not only get more responsibility but also have the chance to contribute meaningfully and receive appreciation for their work.

Outside of work, Matyas likes to travel as much as he can and spend time with his friends. Traveling is a chance for him to meet new people and create new networks, and he enjoys making new friends from all over the world.

iGina is proud to have such a talented new member of our team.

Welcome, Matyas!


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