DIY brand toolkit & framework

I’m happy to announce that I’ve updated the “DIY Brand Toolkit & Canvas” – now it’s even better!

The DIY brand toolkit & canvas was developed originally because I wanted to make a one-page brand canvas as a helpful framework for business owners to map out their own core fundamentals. 

The feedback I have received has been great! And it’s always important to hear the kit is working for people because after all, that’s what it’s all about.

I personally love the tool too! Did you know I also use this tool as a warm up for clients to familiarize themselves with the concepts we will be working with in our 1:1 strategy sessions?

But recently my brain started churning and as a result…

DIY brand toolkit & canvas improvements

I’m excited because I just added FOUR (yes, 4!) more bonus marketing frameworks including:

  • Audience Canvas
  • Branding Canvas
  • Proposition Canvas
  • Story Canvas
DIY brand toolkit & canvas

Still to come

Following this post, look for me to launch some helpful blogs (with video) that will guide you through the process of using the brand toolkit and associated frameworks.

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Who am I? 

I'm Gina Dunn, Brand Strategist and CEO of iGina - and my mission is to help entrepreneurs to define and build brands. Let's bring your brand to life!

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