Understanding Customer Personalities to Boost Your Sales

There is no perfect solution to increase your sales.

There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL because your entire audience is made up of many different types of people, each with unique personalities and wishes.

But, it can help to spend some time figuring out which personality type(s) your customers most often are. Once you are armed with this info, you have won half the battle. Then you can dig into and uncover their optimal sales experience.

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How to Map Your Customers

User experience. Sales experience. Journey mapping. Customer personas.

It has many different forms and names. Ultimately, creating unique and descriptive personas of your customers will help you to give them the best experience, and ultimately lead them down your sales funnel.

It’s insightful to think about the previous interactions you’ve had with your customers and how these differences reflect back to their purchase preferences and behavior. In each personification you work on, you need to identify their personality type with focusing on their needs, feeling, wants, goals, etc.

So what personality type do your customers fit?

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4 Main Personality Types

Here’s how the different personality types compare and the many ways you can increase your sales once armed with this valuable information.

  1. The Examiner– They take time to evaluate as many solutions as possible to find what fits them the best. They need a lot of nurturing and continuous engagement. Making a phone call to reach out or sending an interest based, one-off offer can be very effective. If you are about to publish a new e-book and notice that the customer has been researching that issue, send them the e-book along with a personalized email to show that you know their needs and care about them.
  1. The Responder – They move quite quickly. They base their decisions on market changes, which requires a very fast response to their wants on your end. They need the right product/service to be offered at the right time, this means a short sales cycle but high win rate.
  1. The Idealist – They look for better ways to operate their needs. Their decisions are based on the long-term appeal offered by potential improvements. You will need to focus on solutions and constantly keep searching for new opportunities to sell. There needs to be a set of goals to offer a mix of up selling and cross-selling to meet this customer’s needs.
  1. The Opportunist – They are open to changes at all levels and from any direction. They tend to make decisions based on the overall impact that the products might have on their needs and wants. You will need to present a shared vision and a genuine desire to move forward with this customer and improve their experience. It is important to continuously measure performance of your sales and not just focus on the value of the deals that were made.

Your Action List

Now that you have the background info, go out there and get started to Boost Your Sales. Here’s the actions you can take today to get started:

Step 1 – Prepare a customer persona over at http://makemypersona.com. (HINT: preferably 3 or more)

Step 2 – Match the persona with one of the personality types

Step3 – Think about what you are doing currently to satisfy the customer need and personality.

Step 4 – Identify 2 improvements you can make in your sales process, funnel, or marketing to better meet the needs of this customer.


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