By now you’ve probably discovered what is your brand archetype,  or you’re at least in the process of discovering your brand archetype. And, you’re probably thinking hard about what kind of impact this will have on your brand. 

But, have you thought about how your brand speaks to your customers, and what kind of personality it has?

What’s your brand voice?

Your brand has a voice. It might seem a bit strange to think about a brand having one, but it helps create your position in the market. It’s not only a logo, colors or designs that people remember. It’s also how you speak to your audience.

It’s the way you write your blogs, the way you interact on social media, even down to the words and which language or dialect you use!

But let’s start at the beginning. How do you create a unique, engaging voice for your brand?

Find your inner brand voice

Think about your brand, and the messages you’re trying to get across. Try to visualize your brand as a person – how would they sound?

A Rebel Archetype, like Harley Davidson, isn’t going to speak the same way as a brand like Dove (Caregiver). The rebel is the biker – he/she’s tough, he speaks directly and to the point, and isn’t afraid to say what he thinks.

The caregiver is softer, gentler, and it sounds like he/she genuinely cares for you, and your well-being. The Explorer is ready for adventure, whilst a Creator can be wildly creative and free. It’s all about being true to the message you want to bring across.

Don’t make it hard for yourself

You don’t have to impress everyone with your vocabulary – unless that’s what your brand is about. (For fun, check out the Merriam-Webster Dictionary on Facebook where they blend big words into an awesome personal feeling!)

Be true to your message by keeping things simple. Try not to deviate too far from your own normal way of speaking as well. Your brand is a reflection of yourself, so keep things closer to your own way. This also means that you’re not over-complicating things and having to create a whole new character.

Consistency is key

Be consistent with the language you use. It’s important that all communications that come from you look, sound and feel the same. Make sure everyone who uses your social media, blog and newsletter channels understands how your brand communicates and makes people feel. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

It’s also important that everyone uses the same language – so if your brand uses US English, everything must be written in the same way. Spellings, word choices, all these need to align. And whilst we’re on this topic – small things like spelling, punctuation and grammar all matter. Establish some sort of checking system internally to make sure that everyone’s on the same page.

Have fun

The most important part about establishing your brand voice is to make sure you’re having fun. It is important to get all the other things in place, and aligned, but you should also have fun with it.

Bringing a brand personality to life can be fantastic, and really make your interactions with your clients a wonderful, personal experience. Create a personality for your brand that makes people talk about it and share their awesome experience.

There you have it! My tips on how you can develop your brand voice that fits to your brand personality and creates a unique experience for your audience.

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