Last week I started my new Wednesday Webinar series!  Kicking off with “Your Brand Needs TLC Too: Taking Care of Yourself and Your Brand During the Corona Crisis,” this new series is designed to bring crucial information to you at the time when you most need it.  

Even though our world is turbulent with many changes, and in some ways fear is taking over – I wanted to talk about ways to look after your brand and yourself as a buy entrepreneur in the current climate.

It’s so important, though, to not let these restrictions and changes make us think that we can’t adapt.

It’s about making necessary changes and adaptations to our lives that can take our brands and ourselves forward in a positive way!

What was the self-care and brand-care webinar about?

I wanted to make sure that we covered the health of your business and yourself in this webinar.

I talked about the complicated business world we are in, and ways we could work with these in our personal and business lives. The changes in our companies, moving to a virtual world, and maintaining the survival of your brand at this time is so critical. right now

What was also important was crucial self-care tips – helping not only your business but also:

  • your personal life,
  • your health,
  • and looking after yourself
  • so that you can look after everyone else.

I also shared my own practical tips and personal story on why this is so important to my own life after my beloved father passed away at the start of the corona pandemic.

For example, I’ve organized a virtual dinner with some friends. We all cooked the same meal, and sat down in front of our laptops and had a dinner party!.

Self-Care and Brand-Care Webinar Key Takeaways

Takeaway #1 — Make sure you are communicating and connecting.

I think one of the biggest things that I could share was about connection and communicating.

Right now, we need to be talking to:

  • our clients,
  • our loyal audiences,
  • our teams,
  • our friends,
  • and our families.

in order to maintain our own health and our businesses. But, we also must look at the way our brand communicates to the world in these times.

It’s not about going silent, we must communicate the right messages at the right time and with a huge dose of:

  • empathy,
  • transparency,
  • and understanding.

It’s so important, though, to make sure we’re delivering the right messages. Make your communication strategic and transparent.

Takeaway #2 — Take care of YOU in order to take care of everything else.

But also make sure you’re looking after yourself.

Without a healthy YOU, you can’t take care of everything and everyone else in your life effectively. You are important, so you really need to take the time to fill your own needs.

You gotta nourish to flourish! (one of my favorite quotes!).

Takeaway #3 — Grab my bonus self and brand care workbook to map your own strategic plan.

I also gave away a free workbook with a brand and self-care framework you can use to map out your daily care strategies to get through this current crisis.


Curious?  Want more?

Watch the on-demand replay of my webinar. “Your Brand Needs TLC Too: Taking Care of Yourself and Your Brand During the Corona Crisis” is available on-demand!

As a bonus, you’ll also receive the workbook that I gave away during this webinar so that you can practice your own self-care strategies, as well as handy hints for brand care.

But what is exciting is this is the first in a series of webinars by me and other experts, dedicated to the health of your brand and business in times of uncertainty!

The next one is:

Date/ Time: June 10 at 11am 

Title of the webinar:  Corona Crisis: How your virtual services brand can stand out

Description:  It’s hard to stand out when everyone else is vying for the same attention from your clients. Join me in this month’s live webinar, and I’ll get you noticed. In this interactive workshop-style webinar I’m giving you the exact strategies, tips, tools, and step-by-step guidance that puts your virtual services brand on the center stage in a landscape where you can truly shine. You’ll learn about brand positioning, personality, and define your very own unique archetype combination that guaranteed to get you noticed in a noisey landscape.  


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The Way Forward

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