How to Spring Clean Your Brand

Spring Clean:  verb – is defined by Cambridge Dictionary –> to clean all of a place, especially your house, very well, including parts you do not often clean. This time of year we usually spring clean our house, but why do we limit it to only our house? This is the perfect time to take in a breath of the beautiful spring air and do a round of Spring Cleaning also on our brand. After all, Spring Cleaning always brings with it a certain sigh of relief and a bit of weight off our shoulders. Our business deserves that attention, too. In this short article, I’ll give you the quickest and easiest ways to give your own brand a cleaning, too. Best part is you can be done in just about one hour 🙂 So, what’s holding you back? Read on and get going!

Social Media

Spruce up your social media profiles (and I mean all, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) by doing the following fast tasks:

  • Change your profile photo to one more current
  • Change your hero image or cover image to one more current and branded
  • Read through your short “About”  bio text and give it a little update
  • Write a quick status message welcoming Spring and sharing something with your followers. Post it now!

When you do these 4 tasks in one 15-minute block of time, you get an updated consistency in your brand quickly.


While you are on a roll, head over to your website. It’s one of your most important marketing tools, yet it often gets ignored after it’s launched. Take a quick visual audit of the following:

  • Is the homepage still relevant and eye-catching? Can you quickly update your primary call to action text or hero text to drive more relevance to your brand promise?
  • Is your footer copyright notice showing the year 2017? If not, change it. (Don’t know how? send an email to your “person” who does right now.)
  • Is your About page text still up-to-date? If not, can you make any quick 5-minute improvement here like you just (hopefully) did on your social media bio?
  • Almost done! Next, go to your services or products page and check if things are updated and reflecting what you do at this moment? If not, grab a notebook and take notes on what’s off and add a time slot to your calendar to get it updated.
  • Last thing… your blog. When was the last content update published? If it’s past due and time for a new post, plan a block in you calendar during the next 7 days to write a new short content update.

Brand Audit

  • Download my brand audit checklist here
  • Run through the list to identify any other pain points that may need attention.
  • Find any? Plot a time on your calendar to fix them in the coming 2 weeks.

That’s it! You’ve done your quick Spring Clean of your brand. Pat yourself on the back, my friend!

Reward Time!

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