9 Sparkling Insights from Spark 2016

4141348Last Tuesday, I attended a women focused entrepreneurship conference in Amsterdam, called Spark. What a perfect name for a conference which brought together so many inspiring and sparkling female business owners under one roof for the day.  Here are some of my insights from Spark 2016.

It’s the second year. Last year I was a sponsor and had a branding tips bookmark in the goodie bag. This year I attended. Next year, I want to get involved even more!

My son was sick, so of course I was tired and going on not much sleep (surprise surprise! the life of a mompreneur). But I went and boy am I glad I did!

I got a lot out of this event. Even just the vibe of being in one place with so many of my peers was worth the ticket. It’s a small (100 people) event, intimate, and smack dab in my network of mommy business owners.

Location was great, although I went the whole day without a drink just because I didn’t want to fight lines and was too tired to bother. Totally my issue not the organizations.

Unfortunately, I headed home a bit earlier than expected due to a sick kiddo. The life of a mom business owner, I wanted to get home because of his massive fever.

Key Insights from Spark 2016

At the end of the day, I took some time to reflect on several of the things I learned. Here’s my key insights, learnings and points that are top of mind the following morning through today:

Insight #1

Women are damn awesome business owners. (seriously mompreneurs, ladybosses, rockin’ superwomen: we are strong, powerful, and so on top of this!)

Insight #2

Self care (in all areas) is a huge key to ramping up our business success – I must bring away some actions to change this in my life. Self-care is something I rarely ever do right now. I I heard it (rightfully so) in several talks but also a dozen times in my goodie bag. Universe, I know. I promise to do more with this – blog coming soon 🙂 Thanks for the reminder Saron.

Insight #3

Eat the rainbow of foods to get a rainbow of health & emotional benefits. Loved this Joyce!

Insight #4

Video is so much the future, get started on using it in my communications ASAP!  (Also keep thinking of the Facebook video wave you taught us Moriam 😉

Insight #5

I seriously must work with more ladies – who wants to partner up on projects?

Insight #6

Emmy rocked her closing talk!!!

Insight #7

We often undervalue our work and business, we have to help each other to change this! – totally a theme to be aware of.

Insight #8

Thank you for the reminder how much I LOVE cropbox and would happily give up my entire arm to get it here in Almere every day. It wasn’t exactly paleo but the closest I could get and still keep healthy. It was ohhh sooo good.

Insight #9

Next to everything, it was a lovely day with some very lovely women (Amber, Rita, Stephanie, Emmy , Moriam, Eleonora ) ohhh  and of course not to forget the guys too: Rudi and Alessandro. And I only got to meet a fraction of all of you awesome ladies!

Ladies, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle! Til next year! <3

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