Social Media Graphic Sizes: 2020 Edition

by | Jan 19, 2020 | Branding

 All men are created equal. – Thomas Jefferson.

But, as any good social media strategist knows, not all social media platforms are created equally. Each platform has it’s own rules and regulations about what size images should be, and how they’re best displayed.

You’ll find all the answers in my social media graphic sizes infographic, 2020 edition.

It makes sense after all, because each social media platform has it’s own audiences. Stand-out social media graphics should be brand consistent, but also tailor-made for the platform you’re promoting on.

This ensures your audience is receiving your message loudly, clearly and optimally.

I love to make things easy for you here at iGina, so this year I’ve created again my annual social media graphic sizes infographic!

Find your image size

Be on top of your social media game 

Print it off, stick it on the wall in your office, and use it every time you have to make an image. It’s perfect because I’ve added in all the dimensions you need, so if you’re also making templates in something like Canva, you can simply create the template with the perfect dimensions!

Be on top of your social media game this year, and take on the challenge of refreshing your brand’s online image with this handy resource.

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