Roundup: Latest branding statistics

It’s Roundup time again, so join us we bring you our iGina 9 Essential Branding Statistics that prove the overwhelming value of getting it right! 

Last week I was super excited to attend the 2017 Web Summit in Lisbon(blog to follow) it was a truly amazing experience and I was lucky enough to witness some great industry talks, as well as meet some pretty incredible people and businesses with a great understanding of branding.

It really prompted this week’s roundup, getting the right information and facts is so important to any business. So, this week I’m shedding light on the essential branding statistics that everyone needs to know.

No matter what industry you are in, your brand is everything.

From your brand personality to your brand story, getting it right can provide you with a loyal following and an engaged audience.

With an internet full of advice, we know all too well it’s easy to get lost in all the cyber information, and again this week’s Web Summit made me think about how it’s important to make the real essential information available.

So, here are some essential reads we recommend:

iGina  Recommends  Articles

#1 B2B branding statistic from Protocol 80

#2 The “ultimate list” from Hubspot 

But our roundup wouldn’t be complete without our very own essential 9 statistics. Download and share our infographic.

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