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Brand story

Seuss Recruitment

What a wonderful project to work on! Together with the fabulous ladies of Seuss Consulting, we worked closely to develop, design, deploy, and launch a entirely new brand for Seuss Consulting.

Seuss Recruitment was born on September 1, 2015 and I couldn’t be more proud of the results! The project included business, brand, and content strategy, logo, look & feel, brand style palette, website, photography, company video, communications, and launch.

Built on WordPress, the website theme has been customized to fit the needs of Seuss. With a responsive layout, it looks great on all devices. Phase 2 included integration of their recruitment tool. In addition to the website, I helped create social media images for all channels, documentation, and a complete marketing plan.


Total Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Creative Concepting, Brand Styling, Website Design & Development, Brand Launch

Photography by Rubianca Photography.

Brand Qualities

Intelligent, Honest, Authentic, Fun, Charming, Spirited

For most of us in the life-sciences industry, the biggest hurdle is a lack of experience and know-how in the branding arena. If that’s you, we were completely in your shoes when we decided it was time to create the brand for our Seuss Recruitment division. That’s why we turned to a pro: Gina from iGina. She specializes in helping small companies and start-ups with their branding so that entrepreneurs can give their attention to the daily business of getting a new company off the ground. Consulting with an expert like Gina took the pain out of the brand-creation process (actually, she made it a lot of fun!) while ensuring that all the branding decisions you make are framed toward long-term success.

Our experience taught us that we completely underestimated what was involved in the branding process. We weren’t sure what to expect going in, but by the end of our workshops and discussions, we were glad we had a facilitator leading the way—and saving us time, of course! Not to mention how invaluable an objective and experienced point of view was to the process. You can “brand yourself,” but unless you’re a specialist in this area, working with a pro is so much more effective.