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Brand story

Probiotic Digest

Dr. Joanna Krzeslak has always had a passion for science and microbes. She came to me with an amazing business idea and asked me to help her get clarity around her idea. We spent an intensive day session together brainstorming and mapping out her new business in order to define her mission of sharing the secrets of wellbeing with people.

She wants to bring science into real life – to make probiotic know-how accessible to everyone. So with that idea, we worked together to launch an online presence for her new company, Probiotic Digest in April 2015. We topped that off with business cards, too.

From informative, educational, and practical blogs to consulting, you can find it all on her website.


Brand Workshop, Strategy, Styling, Colorscheme, Website Design, Development & Launch

Brand Qualities

Helpful, Informative, Practical, Reliable, Pure