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Brand story

Firefly Coaching

Stephanie Ward of Firefly Coaching is no stranger to marketing. It’s her specialty as a Business & Marketing Mentor.

In this project, we worked closely to create a new brand for Firefly Coaching, including a logo, look & feel, brand style palette and website. Built on WordPress, the new website theme has been customized to fit the needs of Stephanie. With a responsive layout, it looks great on all devices.

In addition to the website, I helped create social media images for all channels.


Brand Workshop, Brand Strategy, Creative Concepting, Brand Styling, Logo, Website Design & Development

Photography by Christina Stoian

Brand Qualities

Helpful, Informative, Caring, Inspiring, Leader, Trustworthy

Brand Styling

We aimed for a sophisticated brand with strong and clean lines, and a bold burst of color to match Stephanie’s personality. The gold brings in a touch of elegance and maturity. Overall, it sings!

In living color

Living the brand

When I started looking around to find someone to create a new website for my business Gina took the time to discuss the possibility and answer my questions. I was excited that Gina has experience with branding and also the technical aspect of building websites. Knowing that I would get a fabulous new look and that the transfer of my old website was in good hands was reassuring.

Gina has an eye for details and makes sure that all the critical issues are taken care of, including the ones that are too technical for me to understand. I’m delighted with the end result.

Thank you, Gina.