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Brand story

29 Spices

A new and unexpected addition to Amsterdam’s established Indian food scene.

India’s culinary offerings are evolving, making them a perfect match for Amsterdam’s progressive food scene.

Our fusion street food takes our customers on a sensory journey through the streets of India, full of authentic delights and modern twist.


Total Brand Development including Brand Strategy, Brand Dossier, Creative Concept, Brand Styling, Content Strategy, Logo, Social Media, Brand Photoshoot. 

Brand Qualities

Intuitive, authentic, Strong, Passionate, Down-to-earth, Clear, Energetic, Helpful

In living color

Living the brand

I couldn’t be happier with choosing iGina as my branding agency. From my first meeting with Gina & team to the final step of design & implementation, the iGina team was truly amazing! They showed such care, professionalism, honesty, and creativity for everything related to my brand. They bought a lot of positivity and life to the brand. I still love my logo today, as much as the first day I saw it. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Thank you!!


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