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Bringing 29 Spices to Life

29 Spices is a progressive Indian street food dining concept in the center of Amsterdam.

flagship restaurant

From the outset, founder Shashank Kanoria’s plans for the eatery were ambitious: after opening a flagship restaurant in the Jordaan neighborhood, he wanted to expand to multiple other outlets in the Netherlands. Making establishing a well thought-out brand essential.

Only, in Kanoria’s words, “I am new to this industry, so I needed a professional sparring partner to make [the branding] successful.”


Choosing a Sparring Partner

After some initial online research, Kanoria narrowed the search to four branding agencies, contacting each to find out more about what they were offering.

Eventually, he says, “I choose iGina because it had great reviews, looked like a good team (which has been confirmed), and, most importantly, the initial discussion I had with Gina was professional with clearer deliverables than other agencies offered.”

His greatest advice to anyone looking for someone to partner with in their own branding endeavors: “Make effort to choose wisely, know what you want to get out of your branding process, and keep an open mind.”

The Good & the challenging 

Kanoria credits the iGina branding process with bringing clarity to what the actual product was (beyond “Indian food”), helping him brainstorm and create a plan of action, and putting him in contact with key people who could help him with other aspects of the daunting task of opening a restaurant.

And the process, predictably, wasn’t always easy. Building a brand, for example, involved challenging set notions, and opening up to valuations beyond the purely numerical. As Kanoria puts it, “Being a numbers guy, I sometimes found it challenging to link ideas directly to the bottomline of the business, to judge the value added.”

However, he did understand the value of working with someone who could more easily see and quantify those connections. The “sparring” partner he knew he needed.

Overall, he concluded, “ Everything went smoothly. Better than expected. The hold-ups were mostly in other aspects of the business. The team is always very quick to respond to queries, to help out in all matters.”

the result

But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Luckily, according to Kanoria, “Almost everyone without exception likes the concept. We have all bought into the brand.” A brand that was shaped out of the DNA and the ideas of the 29 Spices concept and team.

29 Spices is now open for business in Amsterdam’s Jordaan neighborhood, and the early responses and online reviews have been positive, with a steady tide of customers. However, a brand is always in evolution. “The next few months will determine the reach of the brand and its full potential,” Kanoria adds.

Wise words. Will that potential translate to the multiple locations Kanoria originally envisioned? If it does, the 29 Spices brand (and iGina) will be there to support him.

I couldn’t be happier with choosing iGina as my branding agency. From my first meeting with Gina & team to the final step of design & implementation, the iGina team was truly amazing! They showed such care, professionalism, honesty, and creativity for everything related to my brand. They bought a lot of positivity and life to the brand. I still love my logo today, as much as the first day I saw it. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Thank you!!

– Shashank kanoria

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