A personal story…

Today, I want to share something deeply personal with you – the reason I built the Brand Alchemy Library  Membership – and how it’s helped me to process grief. 

Many people experienced difficulties this year, wrought with the struggle of a global pandemic we’ve never faced as a collective world population before. Many others experienced the loss of their business or a business model which essentially disappeared in an instant,  some lost their income or vision of the future,  and many others lost family and friends to the virus that plagues us.

I was one that suffered an immense loss of the latter, even though it wasn’t directly due to Covid-19. It sure was influenced by it. 

The week of Thanksgiving last year, I flew home to Washington DC to help my sick father. I didn’t know the day I flew back here to the Netherlands would be the last day I saw him. 

The pandemic hit in March and subsequently, my father passed away on March 24th. 

We were in the middle of a lockdown and I didn’t fly home. There was no funeral or memorial – not only was it impossible in the lockdown but he also didn’t want one. 

This hit me very hard and even though it was “expected”, the hard truth is that you can never truly prepare for the loss of a loved one. 

So in the months that followed, I threw myself into my work at iGina and Seuss+.  I also went on a quest to search for ways to recover (is this even a thing?). Not in the way that you recover from an illness but a way to find a passion or a light that keeps burning through the darker days.

I dug into the emotions of what I’ve done spanning my career and how I felt when I helped other people embrace their passions in their businesses and showed them how they could thrive. I wanted more of this feeling, and as a result, brought myself some of the relief and inspiration that I was craving for my own grief.

I thought about all the ways I could manifest this feeling, this passion. The good through the bad.

And this is where the membership idea began. I started pouring myself into the different ways I’ve helped others embrace their business journey. Researching, remembering, pulling from my workshops and frameworks, creating new roadmaps of this process. 

I took inventory (emotional and physical) of all the ways and all the tools I’ve created over the last 20 years. And took mental snapshots of all the times a client has shown emotional impact through my work, my guidance, and my offerings.  I remembered the specific moments we had both cried happy tears at the result of a brand reveal workshop. 

I needed this so bad. 

On one side to help me through the spiral of grief and remember all the amazing feelings and impact I have had on others. This process was instrumental in processing my grief, a way to plug the hole of emotional pain and emptiness made from loss with the good things instead.

And I thought about what I could do with this resurrected positive emotion and how I could continue the positive feelings, the passion. 

I had an a-ha moment…  I can use this to help other people feel some relief, too! I can empower them through my own grief and in turn, help pivot my sadness a bit. 

And so The Brand Alchemy Library was born. I started this project out of love, out of the pure positive emotions of the work I’ve done and the impact I’ve had over the years. 

I dedicated months of my personal weekends and evenings digging deep down and hunkering down. To create, organize, and build a membership platform with the goal of helping others on their business ownership journeys. 

In a practical way, I processed my grief (and still am) by building a platform that I can use to continuously help others learn and embrace their own uncertainties.  And by helping them, I help myself to heal and celebrate what my father instilled in me.  The perseverance mentality.

By preparing others for their challenges month-to-month, I help myself face my own emotional challenges head-on. 

And somewhere in the back of my mind, I know 100% that my father would have been so very proud of me. 

With all my love, gratitude, and support,


Who am I? 

I'm Gina Dunn, Brand Strategist and CEO of iGina - and my mission is to help entrepreneurs to define and build brands. Let's bring your brand to life!

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