I have a love-hate relationship with the end of the year. September is when I start to notice the craziness creeping in, the pressure to get everything done by the end of the year. It only picks up through the festive season, with the pressure to plan the perfect holidays while also being the perfect professional, combining social calendars with Q4 goals (and evaluating a new brand).

But then, finally, an end to the busyness is in sight. A chance to catch your (business) breath and reflect. The year winds down and the new one slowly starts.

Now that there’s a chance to breath…what now?


Holiday Goal Setting

These few precious moments of peace are the ideal time to take a look at yourself and your business.

Every year I use the holiday period, when I have a few days off, to do my goal mapping for the new year (you can find my updated 2019 goal-planning workbook right here) and to plan out my quarterly deliverables, breaking them down by major milestones.  This has become a ritual of mine and a big driver of what I set out to do in the year that follows. (I have talked about this in depth before.)

I never did buy into the New Year’s resolutions thing – how often do those really stick? I like New Years unresolutions instead. Things I promise NOT to do. These are what help me focus in the new year.


Holiday Reflections

The point is: whatever you are planning or going through, these brief moments of downtime during the holiday period are when you can take it all in. I encourage you to find a few moments (in between all the meetings, shopping, and parties) to really reflect about your business.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you meeting your goals?
  • Is your company really connecting with your customers?
  • Does your brand speak for itself when you aren’t in the room?
  • Does your image reflect the state of your business today?
  • Is your branding outdated?

The end of the year is the perfect time to take a deep look at your brand and see if it really showcases what your business is about.

Of course, it’s always easier to ask questions than answer them. Wondering how to tell if your brand is still standing on its two feet? Read on to find out.


Do a Brand Audit

Many of my clients struggle with this one important question: when is the best time to re-brand?

While there is no magical answer to this, I do encourage you to use the holiday reflection time to take a deep look at your current branding and marketing by doing a Brand Audit.

Does your brand really reflect the current mission, vision, and values of the company? (Side note: If you don’t even know what these are, then you really need to invest some time into this!)

Not sure where to begin? Schedule a complimentary virtual coffee with me to have a chat about your current branding. It will even be fun; I promise!


My Own Rebrand

Asking these questions and taking the time to answer them is exactly what I did last year. I realized that my current brand was no longer reflecting the growth and ambition of iGina.

I also realized that after four years of my company growing and evolving, my clients also saw me in a different way. After some reflection, iGina was re-branded and re-launched last year. (Find out more about the exciting iGina brand transformation process here.

My updated brand was unveiled January 1, 2018, which does seem like an ideal time (new year, new brand). But what you didn’t see was that it was a much longer process. The new brand didn’t just fall into my lap at the start of the year. It started in the middle of 2017. January 1 was just the date I revealed the fruits of my labor.


The Perfect Time Is …

There is no perfect time to re-brand (unless your business is in danger without it). It’s important to recognize that this process takes time, energy, investment, and serious reflection. And going at it alone can be quite dangerous, costly, and time consuming.

The brand teams at iGina can facilitate this process to help you answer deep questions and transform your branding and business through an efficient and effective rebranding journey.


Now Get Reflecting!

You still need to take a few moments and reflect deeply about your company.

During this holiday season, when these few moments of peace appear before you, I encourage you to take a deep breath and ask yourself:  “Does my brand reflects my business?” You might realize that a re-brand isn’t necessary, as everything is already aligning well. Or you may realize that now is a perfect time to amp up your business results. That you are ready to re-brand. Or maybe that you just need a tweak or two.

Not sure if you need the full rebrand? Maybe a brand refresh is right for you instead. What does that mean? Stayed tuned here for all the details!

Happy Reflecting, and Happy Holidays, from the iGina team.

The Way Forward

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Until next time,

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