Do you know that feeling you get when you have big news and are just dying to share it? I’ve got that right now! I’m excited to announce a new series of webinars designed to help you navigate your business journey in the current climate. This free series will run throughout spring and summer and covers a wide range of brand and business-related topics.

Introducing iGina’s Webinar Wednesdays

In the current climate, I can understand how difficult it can be to scale and propel your business forward.  Some of us have had to make changes, pivot, or embrace the unknown. Others have thrived and grown because of the landscape changes. Whichever of these

That’s what has inspired me to create the iGina Webinar Wednesdays series. I’ll be sharing not only my expertise in marketing and branding but also my team of experts and collaborating with other entrepreneurs to develop this exciting new free series. It’s a webinar series that helps small businesses and freelancers to grow, evolve, pivot, and discover themselves.

Who Is This Webinar Series For?

This series is for small business entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to tackle the unique and unprecedented challenges of today with their business and brand. You might be shifting from a brick-and-mortar business to a virtual business, building your personal brand to support your business, or launching an entirely new venture. We’re going to help you take steps forward and be successful while doing it.  

I’ve designed this series so that it tackles the different issues that we are all faced during the current crisis.  

I’ve also built-in bonuses like:

  • interactive experiences
  • Interviews
  • expert guests
  • worksheets
  • workbooks
  • and tons more!

These bonuses can help us through the highs and lows of our entrepreneurship journeys right now.

When you come away from each webinar session, I want to make sure you’re equipped with ways to navigate your challenges. I want to give you the energy to take charge and make positive changes in your business.


What is the Wednesday Webinar Schedule?

This is the most exciting part for me.  As much as I love talking about branding and how you can shape your brand even right now during the coronavirus crisis, it’s not all about me!  I’ve called in my team of experts, some of my former clients, and some industry experts to create this amazing series.

The best part is I’m going to tell you what the first sessions are!


About the Upcoming Live Webinars

Your Brand Needs TLC Too: Taking care of yourself and your brand during the corona 

Date and Time: May 6 at 11am CET 

We are living in uncertain and turbulent times right now. It’s crucial that amid this, as entrepreneurs and as humans, that we take care of ourselves, our businesses, and our brand. In this webinar, you’ll learn actionable tactics and methods to protect yourself and your brand during the coronavirus crisis.  You’ll walk away with ways to center yourself, self-care framework, and bonus worksheet.



Corona Crisis: How Your Virtual Services Brand Can Stand Out

Date and Time: June 10 at 11 am CET

It’s hard to stand out when everyone else is vying for the same attention from your clients. Join me in this month’s live webinar, and I’ll get you noticed. In this interactive workshop-style webinar I give you the exact strategies, tips, tools, and step-by-step guidance to put your virtual services brand center stage in a landscape where you can truly shine. You’ll learn about brand positioning, personality and define your very own unique archetype combination that guaranteed to get you noticed in a noisy landscape. 



Future Topics

There are a lot more topics on the docket, and I’m super excited to share those dates soon. Things like:

  • “Stimulating Your Brand In An Uncertain Climate – The Crucial Role Of Marketing In A Future-Proofed Freelancer Business“
  • “Optimizing Your Brand: How You Can Make Your Brand Work And Fit Your Services.”
  • “Protecting Your Sales Pipeline: How Marketing and Sales Work for You”
  • “Survival Of The Fittest – Optimizing How You Work And Fitting Your Services in a Lockdown”
  • “Best Practices for Communications In Times of Uncertainty”

There will be interviews, discussions, and many practical tips that can help your business during the current Corona pandemic. 

How do I find out more about the schedule?

All you need to do is subscribe to the Webinar Wednesday mailing list! There, I’ll be telling you more about the webinars, announcing the new topics and dates, and from there you can sign up for each live session. You’ll also get information about the speakers, and some extra handy resources to support each topic along the way.  

This spring and summer are going to be awesome!  Even though we’re in the middle of the turbulent and unknown times, I want to make sure that you can still have a remarkable brand and I want to give back by supporting you in the process. 

I’m really looking forward to creating remarkable brands with you!

The Way Forward

Guiding entrepreneurs on their journey to a remarkable brand is the mission of the Brand Alchemy Library.

For many of us, running or launching our business while facing a global pandemic has opened up a whole new range of challenges: from pivoting businesses models, evolving customer groups, saving money, and time efficiency - just to name a few. I want to support and help, especially at this time. I wanted to give back. My passion project was born from the desire to help even more people around the world in a affordable way!

The Brand Alchemy Library is a supportive community and resource vault designed to help your business thrive.

Inside, my #1 priority is to help entrepreneurs break free of the cycle of spending hours and hours googling how to's and templates. The resources I provide in the library are 100% vetted and the exact frameworks, templates, exercises, and worksheets that I use with my clients to:

  • build brands
  • setup businesses
  • run day-to-day projects
  • action marketing and brand strategies

Learn more about what this valuable yearly membership has to offer and how you can join today!

But, I'll tell you now, if truly becoming a remarkable brand is your goal, you NEED to join the Library Membership. Just saying.

Until next time,

Who am I? 

I'm Gina Dunn, Brand Strategist and CEO of iGina - and my mission is to help entrepreneurs to define and build brands. Let's bring your brand to life!

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