Starting and running business as a startup is amazing, rewarding, and hard…and even more so when you don’t have the right tools at hand from the very beginning.

To help you along your startup journey, I have curated an amazing list of the best (and my very own favorite) essential resources and tools that you MUST HAVE. 

Startup Must-Haves Tools Inside

These tools rock! Not only for startups but for busy entrepreneurs, solo entrepreneurs, consultants, and more.  I use them all – nearly daily.

This essential and awesome list will help you get ahead.

Meeting Scheduling

Never miss an appointment or meeting with the helping hand of a scheduling tool, I certainly couldn’t live without one. It syncs to your calendars and allows clients to book appointments directly with you online.

    Project and Task Management

    Work diligently to plan and track your progress – all in one place.

    Startup Resources

    This is a must-know tool, an online directory of just about everything every startup needs, from idea generation to analysis.  

    Stuck on a business name? Try these!

    For just in case you didn’t come up with an awesome name or snag a cool URL.

    DIY Design Resources

    Make an impact with your visual marketing by using beautiful imagery.

    Social Media Scheduling

    Manage all your channels from one place and schedule in advance, too.

    Communications Platform

    Real-time, team and client communication for use on device or desktop.

    Track Your Time

    Online time tracking and time sheets, knowing where your time is being spent is essential for all startups.

    • Toggl (free! – My favorite!)
    • RescueTime – paid and free options (I’ve used this for years to automatically log time spent in apps and files on all my devices
    • Timely
    • Hours

    Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing and screen sharing plays a bigger part in business today, pick your provider from my shortlist,

    Video Recording / Demos

    Use video to enhance your business, from how-to guides to staff training and briefing.

    • Loom (my preference it’s awesome!)

    Email Marketing

    Don’t miss out on the power of email marketing, create beautiful mail outs from dozens of templates or create your own.

    Graphic Design Tools

    Create branded content instantly 

    Here at iGina we use Canva + the full Adobe suite as well.

    Analytics to see how your marketing performs

    There’s just nothing quite like it on the market.

    Learning platforms to never stop growing your skills

    Empower yourself to boost your learning.

    Naming Inspiration

    Need a little name inspiration?

    Well, there you have it all the amazing tried and tested absolute essential startup resources. Please share the list with your friends. 

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    Here’s an infographic with my 8 absolute favorites!

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