Measuring Brand Impact, Beyond the Numbers.

Note:  This is a guest article written by the fabulous Jessica Kundapur at Seuss Consulting and Seuss Recruitment in Amsterdam.  She has worked together with Gina on several projects since 2015. She talks more about measuring brand impact in this article.

How do you really know if your brand is having an impact? Measure all you want, but the answer might not be in the numbers…

measuring brand impact

SEUSS-RECRUITMENT-JPG-SMALL-RBG_03At Seuss Consulting and Seuss Recruitment, we are business and recruitment consultants in the life-sciences industry. We have over 20 years of diverse and in-depth industry experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research industry sectors, so it’s safe to say that we understand both science and business.

It’s even safer to say that we understand the importance of data.

Where it started

As we became a brand-led business of course we set-up data parameters to evaluate the success of our new brand initiatives.

For example:

  • we tracked key details such as webpage views, length of time per page and social media statistics
  • we also made evidence-based decisions to tweak some of our branding actions, in particular with social media messaging

So we certainly paid attention to the numbers and we still do.


An unexpected win

But something was happened with our brand that we didn’t include in our measurement plans …people were actively telling us how much they liked the brand and how much the brand meant to them. This was in particular to the brand of Seuss Recruitment.

Shortly after we launched the new brand in September 2015, many of our current clients were already telling us that they loved the new look. But as a new brand, we couldn’t see this yet with the data because we had just launched. We valued their feedback and waited for more confirmatory data to come in.

But more and more ‘non-measurable’ affirmation kept coming.

Potential employees were telling us that they identified with our message of being the ‘non-recruitment recruiters’ and impressed that we had the courage to ‘shake things up’ in our money-driven industry and to focus on the human side of career matchmaking.

The sentiment of being disruptive by being decent and fun in the sometimes broken industry of life-sciences recruitment really resonated with people.

So yes, we started hearing that people like the brand, but this was not something we could easily measure except to relay these stories to each other and use the feedback to push our message more.

Seeing the impact

We widened our social media channels and network and kept fine-tuning our social media messaging.

At a pharma industry conference in early 2016, we really felt like our brand had an impact as so many people told us at the conference itself that they heard about us and that they really liked that we were honest and put our real stories out there. Of course we could see that more and more people on social media were seeing our message, but again we had no idea if our message was getting through or how people were being impacted.

But it did. We wouldn’t have truly known unless people had given us their honest feedback.

Another example of the importance of this direct feedback and deeper meaning related to our blog posts. One client told us that after reading our blog about one of our recruitment ‘failures’ that he was so impressed that we were so honest.

Furthermore our readers have enjoyed our blogs so much and think we have been writing about key things in our industry, that they have begun writing guest blogs for our site. This positive response was not the kind of information that can be interpreted easily by page views or number of minutes spent on a site.

The emotional impact our blog had on our audience has not yet been fully measured, but the positive impact is there all the same. We purposely set out to write life-changing blogs in the life-sciences industry and you can’t measure how life-changing something is by seeing how long someone reads or shares your words- the answer has to be genuinely expressed by those who trust you.

How can we leverage our brand impact?

In the future, we will consider asking our candidates, clients and audience in more detail how they feel about our brand and what about our brand inspires them. We know we can’t solely rely on the positive feedback. We will continue to monitor the data and make adjustments and follow the suggestions that people give us.

But for now, we know our brand is making a positive impact for those in our industry and we look forward to exploring that further in the future.


Profile-Photo-JessicaAbout Jessica

Jessica Kundapur’s biotech and pharmaceutical know-how has been grown in one of the industry’s biggest hot spots: the San Francisco Bay Area. At her San Bruno-based CRO, she was on the front lines of several progressive trials, where she learned that it’s people even more than products that are the keys to success. Jessica herself holds both a BS and MS in biology from Queen’s University, along with advanced coursework in clinical-trial planning, implementation, analysis and project management from UC Berkeley. Get in touch by email or phone at +31 (0)6 1587 6321, or connect to her on LinkedIn.

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