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Intro Masterclass: Build A Brand, Not Just A Business

In this introduction Masterclass I’ll share the secrets of a remarkable brand and how it builds the foundation of your company. You’ll leave with new insights and practical tips for branding your own small business, developing a brand strategy, and getting the most out of the iGina Brand Canvas framework.

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Intro Masterclass

As a business owner, your brand is, quite simply, the key to your success. A strong and well-defined brand is what differentiates you from your competitors and the reason your clients keep coming back.

This (free) online Masterclass consists of 4 parts that will teach you how to build your brand, and not just a business. Are you ready to tap into and  activate your brand magic? 

Aaaand, we also have a bonus for you after the Masterclass, so you can take what you’ve learned and apply it right away. So, come and join us on June 20th at 3pm CET. 

Shared Insights From Our Clients

“HUGE shout out to Gina, Marketing Jedi at iGina, who has been right there with me this last couple of weeks in the run up to releasing a new Photography Brand. Do yourself and your biz a favour, or especially if you are planning to release something, she’s all you’ll need.”

Rudi Wells, Owner
Wish Tree Photography

“Working with Gina on my business branding, logo design and website was a pleasure and delivered great results. I highly recommend working with Gina if you are starting up a new business or want to develop a strong marketing strategy for an established business.”

Amber Rahim, Coach
Amber Rahim Coaching

“Gina’s Branding Workshop boosted my thinking processes about my company at just the time when moving it to another level. Her program helped to shape the branding messages and the house style but most importantly helped me to get all my thoughts and plans in order.”

Jane Stephenson, Leadership Coach

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Meet Gina

Gina, an American-born, brand-obsessed entrepreneur who calls the Netherlands her home. In 2014, she started iGina Marketing, a boutique global brand strategy agency who specializes in building remarkable brands through a blend of strategy, design and experience.

Her philosophy is simple: Strategy First. Design Second. That’s what builds remarkable brands. 


Gina Dunn
Gina Dunn

Founder, iGina