What is Lean Branding?

As a small branding agency, we’re particularly interested in Lean Branding, we’re optimized to work more effectively, stripping away the unnecessary and using innovative ways to communicate our brand to get results. 

We follow the lean process of building ideas, measuring, and then learning. This leads back to iteration. It’s a constant cycle of discovery and adapting, which boosts efficiency and effectiveness. It’s pretty cool!

Sounds easy, right? But it’s actually a fairly new branding mindset and we are embarking on a mission, to help others see just how a lean approach can help you change your business into a more productive and successful one.

This week we’re taking a brief look at this huge topic, that is Lean Branding.  I first became interested in the concept after I read The Lean Branding Book.


What is Lean Branding?

Well to understand lean branding, we need to assume that you first understand your brand is not your business name or logo.  If you subscribe to our blog, you can read many articles we’ve written on Marketing and Branding, whats the difference? And Brand Archetypes.

To sum up, lean branding it’s all about doing fewer things, doing them remarkably well, then measuring results in real time, and quickly iterating on your tactics.

In the end, you are more efficient AND effective – and who doesn’t want that? 


Your brand is powerful, and you have already invested time in developing your brand story elements: identity, positioning, archetype, and pricing model. 

This foundation is what allows you to connect to your audience and is the foundation. 

So, once your brand is alive, it’s a constant cycle of identifying and measuring outcomes, then learning and adjusting accordingly.


Next, turn your ideas into something of value for your business and take every opportunity to tell your story and understand your audience. These are your tactics and actions.


Undoubtedly, gaining, keeping and growing your audience and customer base is the goal of any organization. So how do you do that?

For example. In social media you can:

  • measure engagement with content topics
  • measure which content format drove more traffic
  • measure which channels performed better than others
  • measure conversion to sales 


So what did you find? Was it what you expected? If not, you need to turn it around, don’t waste any more time on something that is not working, learn from your findings and change your strategy. In this step you learn and tweak, going back to the build step. 


If you found this topic of interest and want to know how we can help you implement lean branding approach into your business, then get in touch today and let’s start cutting your branding waste.

Who am I? 

I'm Gina Dunn, Brand Strategist and CEO of iGina - and my mission is to help entrepreneurs to define and build brands. Let's bring your brand to life!

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