New iGina Amsterdam office makes even more magic5 min read

by | May 16, 2018

I’m excited to announce that iGina now has a second office in Amsterdam (nearby Sloterdijk) for our growing team. I took the decision earlier this year to add an iGina Amsterdam office location and these are the reasons that motivated us:


  • Location. Our second office is easily accessible to clients and employees due to its ideal location  – close to the Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station and the Amsterdam IsolatorIg metro stop. Amsterdam also offers excellent infrastructure and this makes it a gateway to Europe. A good location is an essential aspect for a global brand agency aiming to expand internationally.
  • Facilities. We now have meeting room facilities for client workshops and meetings, and visitor parking (yay!). This nicer office is also helping iGina business to reach its potential. Through a better environment I’m improving both the quality and the quantity of the work produced.   

  • Space. I’m still happy with our office in Almere, but there’s not enough space for our growing team. Our new office space has an open plan which allows us to work closely together – also fits our collaborative workshop style. More than that, I co-share office space with our alliance partners Zocket, Seuss Recruitment & Seuss Consulting. I have been working with Seuss since nearly the start of iGina and am also their Head of Marketing.

Exciting times ahead

The new office space signifies our continued growth and development as a business, following our brand refresh and updated iGina website back in January 2018.

I’ve been enjoying settling into our new space and making the most of our meeting room and  facilities (and great coffee!).

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us along the way. And a huge thank you to the Seuss and Zocket team for their amazing hospitality – we love working together with them everyday!

Here’s to some exciting months ahead.

iGina Amsterdam Office

Please note our new office address: Zekeringstraat 7A, 1014 BM Amsterdam, and you are wecome to drop by for a nice cup of coffee. Setup a coffee date here. 


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