Helpful Tools to Breakthrough a Mindset Funk

All of us have had that feeling. When you are stuck, whether in your mind, your business, or your own forward momentum. I like to call it a mindset funk.

Sometimes I’ve had these were I literally felt too paralyzed to move forward in my thinking. There are loads of possible reasons, this blog won’t go into those.

What I’d like to share, however, is some of the things I’ve found that are helpful when I feel stuck.

Sometimes I felt stuck when my goals or actions to reach them were not clear enough. Then I felt too clouded and unsure to take action. I felt frustrated and self-aware, doubted myself because I wasn’t getting anywhere. It is okay to feel this way, being mindful of feelings is a good thing and taking the time to feel it helps to get over it. At some point, everyone goes through these experiences but what you can do is realize that you are stuck and that you need a change get you unstuck.

The first thing you can do is take a step back and think about what you are feeling at this moment. Are you overwhelmed, feeling paralyzed, undecided, and aimless? In the end, you need to go back to the beginning of your journey and remember what you were passionate about. It is all about refreshing your mindset and taking a new perspective to your passion. Remembering your purpose and being true to your feelings will guide you towards the change that you need for the personal and professional success that you seek every day.

That being said, it is easier to say (speak) then do, but I have also been there. It is not easy to change your mindset, that is why I call it a mindset funk or being stuck.

However, there are tools or videos that you can check out to help ease your mind and help you to start moving again.

Here’s what I found helpful!


Try this app: Unstuck

I love using this app, Unstuck. It’s available on all mobile devices – get it here :

It’s a quick and straightforward way to help you break the cycle you are in and get outside of your funk.

Don’t have a tablet for it? You can do it online too


Take This Course from Unstuck

Unstuck says: “With the right mindset, anything is possible.” I totally agree! You can get ready for 2017 with their brand new Spark Your Motivation Life Course – I’m doing it! It only cost 49 bucks. You can sign up here and get more information – – even take a little quiz to see if it’s something you’ll benefit from.

The Life Course includes 10 online interactive exercises, 8 short videos, 4 audios, 7 downloadable worksheets, and 3 post-course advice emails.

So, up for taking the plunge with me?


Watch this video


Let’s Go!

Let’s grab 2017 by the ears and get unstuck.

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