Free 2020 Goal Setting & Planning Workbook

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Branding

At the beginning of every new year, it’s important to me to sit down and do major goal setting for iGina. And you can also start this year on the right track with my free 2020 downloadable goal setting and planning workbook.

I’ve been using the same method for years. I work out what I want to accomplish, what my goals are for the year, and really plan things out.

Start 2020 with a plan

Every year I sit down and do this. It’s fun to discover goals and map out what I want to achieve, month by month. And this year, I’m excited to give you your copy of my 12 month planning workbook.

It’s easy to sit down with this book, and define month by month, quarter by quarter and really focus on what you want to do!

Let me know how the book helps you achieve your goals, and don’t forget to aim high. Take your brand to the next level by following the steps in my workbook.

Of course, if one of your goals is to make your brand remarkable, why not get in touch? We can have a virtual coffee and chat about your ideas.

Who am I? 

I’m Gina Dunn, Brand Strategist and CEO of iGina – and my mission is to help business owners all over the world to break through their business barriers and realize their brand potential, sometimes for the very first time.

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