Build a Remarkable Brand that Is Consistent and Cohesive

Nov 8, 2019 | Branding

It’s time for part 3 of Build a Remarkable Brand, Not Just a Business series and I promised to go further into depth during the last blog about 2 more of the 8 fundamental characteristics of remarkable brands.  

Previously, we’ve talked about Intention, Purpose, and Creativity.

  • An intentional brand has a clear and direct message that it communicates effectively.
  • Purposeful brands are brands that stand for something, driving your own actions and intentions, and attract others who connect with this.
  • Creative brands evolve and reinvent themselves.

Whew! That was a quick summary.

why create a Consistent and Cohesive Brand?

In order to build that remarkable brand more, you need to focus on consistency and cohesion.

These fundamental blocks bring your brand together and help make it recognizable. Let’s explore them together in this installment. 

Make your brand consistent

Consistency is what ties your brand together and makes it whole.  

Everything you do should be based on your brand foundations.

  • You must be consistent across all channels with your brand voice, messaging, designs, promises, values, etc. It leads to stronger brand identity and greater consumer recognition.
  • Inconsistent branding or brand personality does not build trust and loyalty with your customers.

Be consistent and don’t make room for false interpretations of your brand. It also creates a sense of disconnection, and people find it harder to relate to a brand when there is not a clear message coming across. Be sure that you are consistent and true to your brand’s story

For example, if your company name is spelled differently across different mediums, or you use different fonts and colors all the time, people will feel disconnected, because it’s just not the same.

It’s important that you follow your own branding guidelines (hint:  I talked about these a bit in the last blog when I spoke about being intentional) and create a uniform and consistent brand image.


Make sure your brand is cohesive

According to the Cambridge online dictionary, cohesive means: united and working together effectively.

This is different from consistent in that it’s more about everything meshing together and working as a collective whole (blended per se).

Consistency is about projecting your message in a harmonious way that’s the same every time, where cohesive is more about everything being recognizable and memorable (no matter the platform or medium), in a blended and holistic way.

Cohesive brands have a holistic feeling – everything is balanced and in harmony, and appears synchronized. It’s recognizable. 

Don’t get consistency and cohesion mixed up:

  • Consistency is about doing the same thing over and over,
  • and cohesion is about doing things in a way that makes things uniform.

These 2 things are so vital to your brand to make it remarkable – as they provide part of the foundation of your brand.


Is your brand remarkable?

We’re not done yet!  With 3 more features of remarkable brands in this series to go, I can’t wait to introduce them to you in the next installment.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?  Want to pick my brain about how your brand can be more consistent and cohesive? Why not book a virtual coffee with me and we can talk it over.

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