20th Anniversary Families in Global Transition Conference Roundup

Last week, I eagerly and excitedly took to the stage to guest speak on the early bird forum panel, for the 20th Anniversary Families in Global Transition (FIGT) conference in Den Hague, the Netherlands. Join me this week for the conference roundup.

The day before the conference

The FIGT18 was my first-time guest speaking on a panel, so as you can imagine, the last few weeks, have been filled with a mix of nerves, excitement, and anticipation.

The day before for FIGT conference was no exception, after a busy morning filled with last-minute panic packing and an emergency trip to the vet, I finally managed to hit the road via the pet sitter of course, and later that afternoon I finally arrived, a little later than planned, and a little more stressed than I had hoped.  

Ah, the life of a business owner! Doing a thousand things at the same time. Thank goodness for Stephanie, my assistant who busted her butt and packed me off fully prepared for the trip.

No sooner had I arrived, parked my car and walked through the hotel doors than I was greeted by a familiar face at the hotel reception, dear friend, and co-panelist Stephanie Ward, what a site for sore eyes.

It was only a few minutes later that we met our other co-panelists Amel and Lisa, who were busy prepping for the trip to the conference reception off-site.

conference roundup

My badge had more flags than my girl scout sash!

A little late for the event registration as they were shutting up the desk for the night, I hurriedly also signed in and excitedly received my conference pack and badge. Finally, I did my hotel check-in, too!

My badge had more flags than my girl scout sash!

Having signed in and registered my attendance, I made a quick luggage drop in my hotel room on the 18th floor (amazing view!), before heading out in an Uber to meet with a group of conference attendees and mingle at the FIGT conference welcome evening.

It was a great opportunity to meet new people and catch up with some old friends.

After the reception, we headed over to our dinner spot (thanks for organizing Stephanie Ward!). I enjoyed a fabulous steak dinner (and a glass of wine to calm my nerves) over some inspiring conversation. But, I made it an early night being due to speaking the following morning.

The FIGT conference

Friday morning was our early bird forum panel, so we were all up bright and early.  I was nervous for no reason – my co-panelists were all in sync with each other and a really awesome balance of experience and specialties.

Our panel was set to discuss how we had created our own businesses, how we made them flexible and location-independent,  and what were our challenges and the best way to succeed.

The room was FULL and many attendees took photos and recorded the session (several live streams). I loved the questions that came up, they were so smart and ranged from thinking of starting a business, to risk management, to how to, mobility, marketing, and so much more. I thoroughly enjoyed it, both the content and the panel experience.

During our panel, we had so many great questions from different types of business at different stages and I truly believe the FIGT is an innovative conference growing from strength to strength.

Our session ended in what felt like the blink of an eye, once we managed to wade through the crowd who came to hear us, it was time for me to actually check out of my hotel room.

Watch the live feed here

conference roundupI took the elevator up to the 18th floor to my room to pack, decompress with a coffee, and chat with my supportive team.

Conference roundup & highlights

It wasn’t my first time on stage but it was my first-time guest speaking on a panel, so it was actually a bit of a whirlwind trip for me.  I regrettably didn’t have the time in all the rushing to attend any other talks, bummed me out a bit.

Lesson learned, and next year I want to make sure that I arrange to be there for more than just 1 of 3 days.

This years conference was focused around diverse voices celebrating the past, present, and future of globally mobile lives, our early bird forum was the only talk over the 3 days to cover entrepreneurship and mobile businesses, I was pleased to see it so heavily attended.

Never have I felt so welcomed at a conference before. EVERYONE was warm and easy to strike up conversations with. Having attended some pretty big conferences in the past, like the Lisbon Web Summit, the FIGT is the perfect size to meet new people and make real connections.

It was truly an honor to be invited and to sit on the panel with such amazing, thoughtful, successful women – and want to thank them for being awesome!

Also thank you to Amanda Bates, our amazingly talented panel moderator. She totally rocked!  

Big thank you to everyone who helped support me on my first FIGT journey and also coming out of my very own comfort zone to sit on a panel myself and a special thanks to the wonderful iGina team for making it happen!

I hope you enjoyed the FIGT conference roundup? Will you be attending the next one?


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