4 Big Insights from Our First Client Satisfaction Survey

by | May 28, 2019 | Branding

Last year I did something for myself, and my business. I emailed my past clients a customer satisfaction survey. The goal was to get insight into their perception, and having a continuous learning process for me.

Working with my clients is always an amazing experience, and I love watching how their brands grow after one of my sessions! But after the handover is done and I’ve watched their new brand take off for them, I think it’s also important that they can teach me something too.

My team took on the challenge of emailing my past and current clients with a survey and collecting the results. The information that was collected was then used to help not only discover our strengths but also to expose my weaknesses.

After all, you can be providing a great product, but a small flaw in the system can be a huge problem for you, and your clients

So, let’s look at the questions one by one, and I’d love to tell you what I learned.

How did you find out about iGina?

80% of my clients came via word of mouth.

The first thing I learned is that most of my business comes from referrals and that nearly all of you would refer me to someone you think I could help. Thank you to everyone who shares their experience with me and helps bring in new clients. I appreciate this more than I can say!

I think this also reflects one of my favorite quotes: “A brand is what people say when you walk out of the room” – if you are telling your friends about me, I must be doing something right.

How would you rate the impact of our service(s) on your business?

4.1 stars out of 5

What I also learned is that you think that my services really make a positive impact on your business. I love what I do, and this makes me happy that my passion can help your business grow.

The fact that you feel that I’ve made a positive impact on your business is amazing.

How likely are you to recommend iGina to people in your personal or professional network?

89% of surveyed clients would recommend me within your networks.

This is an amazing result! I’m so proud that you would continue recommending me to your friends and business circles.

How well did we keep you informed about the progress of the project?

3.9 stars out of 5

The biggest lesson!

An important thing I learned is that you felt I needed to communicate more about the progress of your projects. I really have taken this to heart, and have already started implementing processes and internal operational changes that keep my clients up to date, including weekly progress reports and utilizing project management tools more effectively.

Another big and positive change is that we now have a team of dedicated project managers for all brand projects! This has really changed the flow of projects, reduced complexities, delivered better performances, shortened timelines and increased overall effectiveness and deliverables.

It’s really important to me that you feel like you know what’s going on and I’m thankful for this learning point so we could iterate on our operational processes.

What i learned

It’s not easy to lay yourself in front of your clients, and say “Tell me where I fail and what I can do better.” What I learned though is that this is an incredible way to find out more about yourself, what you can offer, and how you can improve yourself. I plan to keep this up and repeat this process every few years. 

With all the things I’ve learned, and all the changes I’ve made to my business thanks to this feedback, I look forward to growing, and giving my clients an even better experience to tell their networks about.

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Who am I? 

I’m Gina Dunn, Brand Strategist and CEO of iGina – and my mission is to help business owners all over the world to break through their business barriers and realize their brand potential, sometimes for the very first time.

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