Remember my last blog about building a brand, not just a business? I promised in that one I’d go into more depth about the 8 characteristics that build a remarkable brand, and how these fit together to connect your business and your brand to your customers.

This time we’ll go into depth about 3 of those 8 characteristics – your brand should be Intentional, Purposeful and Creative.

Make your brand Intentional

An intentional brand is really stopping and thinking, and acting with intention. It has a clear, direct purpose, philosophy, and positioning, and it communicates these clearly to your customers. Your brand can’t be thrown together or last minute, and it’s definitely not an afterthought.

I can’t say this often enough – your brand is more than a logo and slogan. It’s a full package, your strategy, purpose and consistent messaging. It’s about understanding your customers, their needs, their wants and their problems, and giving them action, and offering meaningful solutions at the right time, the right way.

Remember, a brand that acts with intent is one that communicates its message clearly, and consistently. It follows through with promises and delivers beyond expectations.

Make your brand purposeful

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek

Society is changing, and now it’s essential that your brand stands for a purpose. Your brand needs to stand for something – and this something drives your own actions and intentions, and attracts people who connect with this mission.

It’s not enough anymore to say that you have a mission. You need to build action and connect with people who are looking to move with you.

One great example of strong brand purpose is Dove. The brand goes beyond just selling shampoos, lotions and other hygiene products, and uses its messages to help and encourage women to develop a positive relationship with the way they look, raising their self-esteem. They connect with women on a back to basics level by promoting natural beauty.

Your purpose helps people connect with your brand on a personal level. It appeals to their own beliefs and values and reminds them why they connect with you.

Make your brand creative

Remarkable brands are not static. They evolve and are creative in their storytelling, and in the way they approach their customers. They offer new solutions to problems and realize that what worked once before, may not work forever.

Creativity helps in brand reinvention. Go with the times and react to current trends to better connect with your customers, and also show them how you embrace the current climates.

You can also offer your customers creative experiences with you. For example, some brands used one of the most famous TV shows of all time “Game of Thrones” in their marketing and product designs to better connect to their customers, around the release of the shows final season. We’ve found this article with 17 of the best examples.

Creativity doesn’t mean loud colors or changing your brand significantly. Sometimes it just takes a little out of the box thinking and acting with intent to bring new life and drive your brand’s purpose. (Can you see already how things work together? )

So what next?

Stay tuned. The next blog in this series is coming very soon – and we can’t wait to talk about more ways to build your remarkable brand.

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level now though, why not contact me and book a virtual coffee? We can work out ways together to bring your intentions and purpose together in a creative way!

The Way Forward

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