It’s time for the final part of my building a remarkable brand, not just a business series – and round off the 8 characteristics of remarkable brands. In case you missed it, part 1, part 2 and part 3 are all right here.

We explored how making your brand consistent and cohesive is vital last time, and how these factors are different, yet still so important. Let’s quickly recap the two characteristics of a remarkable brand from the previous blog:

Consistency ties your brand together and makes it whole – it is based on your brand’s foundations. It’s about bringing all your brand values, your voice, your messaging and design together and ensuring that you project the same messages all the time.

Cohesive brands mesh everything together and have a holistic feeling. They’re in harmony, and everything is synchronized.

It’s also important to recognize that these are different from each other. Consistency is about doing the same things, over and over, and cohesion is about doing things in a way that is uniform.

These core blocks really help people see your brand clearly, and make your brand relatable on a personal level.

The final key elements to a remarkable brand? Build a remarkable brand that is authentic, connected, and appeal emotionally to your audience. But how can we do this? Read on …

Make your brand authentic

Just 1% of millennials trust a company based on advertising. Attitudes are changing, and people want to connect with brands that feel authentic in their values, and their promises. It’s not about flashy advertising or gimmicks – it’s about authenticity in the brand and a connection to their cause.

Building trust and winning over your customers is being authentic to your brand heritage, to your values and your promises. It’s essential to communicate what you stand for to your customers and live up to this.

Use your story to tell people why your brand believes in what it does, what motivates it to do these things, and this is what makes it real – real to your brand’s message and real to your audience. Authenticity allows people to see the soul of your company.

Make your brand connected

A brand that is connected with its customers engages them with products, mission, purpose, user experience and also it’s personality. It becomes relevant to customers, either through a sense of self-improvement, or self-identification.

Connected brands often embrace the latest trends, and take consumer experience to the next level. It’s about getting your customers engaged, and connecting them to the experience.

A great example is the use of QR codes – so many companies are using these to connect customers to things like instruction videos, or online instructions, or even to where they can order spare parts or shop for accessories. It’s adding an extra level of convenience.

Here are some examples of making your brand connected:

A super cool example is where Bombay Sapphire Gin, Zappar, and Shazam were combined to create an augmented reality experience by scanning bottle label with the Shazam app. It unlocked bonus content, including cocktail recipes.

Another great example is personalizing your contact. Using your customer’s name in emails, adding a handwritten note to amplify your unboxing experience or using sustainable packing products because your brand has an low-impact outlook connects your brand with your audience.

Connection is felt on a deeper level. It’s about reaching out to clients, and becoming a part of them on a personal level, either through filling a need that may not be anticipated, or bringing a personal touch.

Make your brand emotional

Emotions often influence decision-making processes and this ties in well with being connected and authentic – your brand should spark emotion with your audience.

There’s a distinct difference between emotional brands and rational brands:

  • A rational one is one based on facts and figures – providing information, are focused on selling an idea, and fact-driven.
  • Emotional brands connect their customers with their ideas, and give them a sense of belonging because they can relate to the message being portrayed.

There’s nothing wrong with being rational, but that appeal to emotions can really cement your customer’s connection with you.

If there are 2 identical products on the shelf, you will be more inclined to pick the one that appeals to your emotions. Emotions connect us to our purchases – through memories, through smells, and this is what fuels our decisions.

2 great examples of emotional advertising are the Always “Like a Girl” Campaign which promotes positive body image, self-confidence, and assurance during puberty, and the adorable and fun campaign “Friends Furever” by Android.

What have we learned?

Let’s quickly recap all the steps to building that remarkable brand and taking your business to the next level.

1. Intentional brands stop, think and act with intention. They have a clear and direct purpose, philosophies and positions, and communicate these clearly.

2. Purposeful brands stand for something. They have a mission that drives their actions and intentions, and invite people to connect with this.

3. Cohesive brands are holistic, with everything in balance and harmony. Everything is uniform and is synchronized.

4. Consistent brands tie everything together and follow their guidelines, philosophy and tone across all channels. They live their mission, vision and values.

5. Creative brands evolve and tell their stories in appealing ways. They are not static, and offer solutions to problems, and move with the times.

6. Authentic brands are true to themselves, and connecting with causes.

7. Connected brands anticipate their customers needs, and take their experience to the next level.

8. Emotional brands invoke a sense of belonging, and fuel the decisions of their clients through their emotions

So there you have it! The last of the series in building your brand, not just a business. I’ve enjoyed telling you why your brand should have intention, be purposeful, creative , cohesive, coherent, authentic, connected and emotional.

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