Brand Story of Rubianca Photography

This month’s inspiring brand story comes from the very talented Rubianca of Rubianca Photography.

Earlier this year…

When we got the call to work with Rubianca again, we were very excited. At iGina, repeat clients equal happy and satisfied customers. And of course, we love watching brands continue to evolve over time.

Repeat clients

Not only Is it great to work with repeat clients, but Rubianca really understands the importance of progress and how to embrace it, maybe it’s a true reflection of her work after all her profession is capturing moments and change happening around us.

She’s also an action taker and loves to do much of the actioning around her brand herself. I wish I could work with 100 Rubiancas!


As a repeat client, we’ve been lucky enough to witness and work with Rubianca all the way through her business evolution. And what a beautiful process it has been.

Over the years with a little help from the team here at iGina, Rubianca has developed her initial photography business into a successful documentary photography experience using a number of iGina services.

From fact finding brand workshops designed to develop the brand’s core to a website build that captures the essence of the brand experience, rebranding services and finally this year Rubianca took the time to tweak and perfect her branding for today’s current market with a website refresh and update of the brand color pallet.

Join us as we sat down with Rubianca to look back at her brand journey.

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The Brand Story of Rubianca Photography

knowboundaries brand story

Q: Why did you decide to rebrand? What was the chain of events or experiences that led you to think about a rebrand and what made you take the leap?

My brand has evolved since I first worked with iGina, always remembering the lessons she taught me about growing and developing your brand, I realized that the old website didn’t reflect what I wanted anymore and after a very inspiring weekend with other fellow photogs I got really motivated to put my new message out there again. 

Q: Who did you identify that you needed to reach?

I want to reach out to the busy working mums, so my website and my brand messaging needed to be simple, easy to understand and use, I wanted a clear visual representation of my work, so my future and potential clients can visualize their lives in my online photography gallery.

Q: (Re)branding is a challenging exercise. What challenges did you come up against? Anything you didn’t expect or took longer to get through than you thought? Or did something go better than expected?

The website took a looooong time, if you’ve ever been through a website build then you’ll understand if you haven’t then you need to get realistic with expectations, getting website content together is harder than you think, describing your services and selecting all the right imagery takes time to get it perfect.

My new message is out there now, but I’m expecting it to evolve again as my business does, but this time I’m ready as I know what to expect.

Q: How did your existing audiences and key partners react as they started to learn about the project and once the brand became public?

So far, I have received positive reactions, I now really understand that businesses change and I’m embracing it while all the time working to tweak and perfect mine.

Q: Looking back, what would you say is been the biggest benefit of your rebrand?

The message is much clearer, not only through my written content but visual too.

Q: Perhaps this has already happened, but if someone came up to you and asked you about the process you went through, what is the most important advice you could give them?

You need to find out the why, the purpose of your business.

Q: How do you feel about the current state of your business post (re)brand?

In short, very confident.

Big thanks

So finally, big thanks to Rubianca for taking the time to answer our questions, if you’re interested in knowing more about how we can help your business grow too, why not get in touch?

Additionally, this is an ongoing series where we give the stage to our clients’ brands to tell their stories.  If you’d like to see how we can help your company’s (re) brand, please contact us.

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