Brand Story of knowboundaries

Following on from the success of last months first inspiring brand story, we are super excited to share this months edition. We were lucky enough to sit down with Jane Stephensen from Knowboundaries and look back at her motivational brand journey.

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The Brand Story of Knowboundaries


knowboundaries brand story
Knowboundaries is a unique personal and corporate coaching service located in the Netherlands providing services in Amsterdam and surrounding areas.  Founded in 2007, Jane harnesses her many years of both international business experience and entrepreneurial background to offer a truly bespoke career coaching, executive coaching and corporate coaching service.  Jane also specializes in equine assisted coaching.

Jane came to iGina in 2014 with a need to improve her brand image.  Read on for Jane’s story and learn how iGina helped her to gain a larger online presence and secure a strong brand identity.


Q: Why did you decide to rebrand? What was the chain of events or experiences that led you to think about a rebrand and what made you take the leap?

A: I first decided to work with Gina in 2014, when I was preparing to go to the Expatica fair. I felt the investment of the stand at the fair needed to be supported by a strong brand image.

Q: Who did you identify that you needed to reach?

A: I wanted to reach international professionals, both male and female, with a clean, smart and professional website which was easy to navigate and gave clear distinct products and and easy sign up options.

Q: (Re)branding is a challenging exercise. What challenges did you come up against? Anything you didn’t expect or took longer to get through than you thought? Or did something go better than expected?

A: The process Gina took me through was very structured, and I really enjoyed working with her, so that part was not difficult at all, and leaving her to design my publicity materials for the fair was perfectly simple.

When it came to the website, I found that my part in the process big, after-all in my business I am the brand!  Writing the copy was a large  job, as was getting the right graphics and professional photos too. The whole website design was helped by Gina’s project management skills, and her practical approach.

Q: How did your existing audiences and key partners react as they started to learn about the project and once the brand became public?

A: The website is very well received, everyone compliments me on it. Recently a director from a large corporate told me the website was very professional, and was the reason I got the contract to deliver training to his team. It’s also nice to now be able to use my brand in the training materials, in the form of handbooks.

Q: Looking back, what would you say is been the biggest benefit of your rebrand?

A: The biggest benefit has to be the knowledge that I have a strong and professional image / brand.  It has really helped me to bring clear services to my clients and this shows in my revenue increase.

Q: Perhaps this has already happened, but if someone came up to you and asked you about the process you went through, what is the most important advice you could give them?

I have been in business for 10 years, and I think that revisiting your branding every few years is essential. Its your shop front, and you want it to attract the right customers.

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Q: How do you feel about the current state of your business post (re)brand?

A: I find it easier to present my business, its easy to post links to social media, and I am proud to direct people to my website, and welcome them into my shop.


Another great story, Jane!  We are so glad we could help you  find a way to strengthen your brand identity and provide you with a website that supports your business needs.

This is an ongoing series where we give the stage to our clients’ brands to tell their stories.  If you’d like to see how we can help your company’s (re) brand, please contact us.

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