Brand Story of International Fundraising Consultancy

We think it’s time to put our wonderful clients smack dab in the driver’s seat of a new blog series to highlight each of their own brand stories and branding journey. We hope you are as inspired by them as we are! Each month we’ll have a new brand story to share, exciting! 

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The Brand Story of International Fundraising Consultancy

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We are really excited for this new series of blog posts where our fabulous clients get to share their brand stories with you! Our first post in this series is an interview with Helen Maynard-Hill from International Fundraising Consultancy.

IFC is a global franchise that works with charities and NGOs internationally to aid them in becoming better fundraisers. They have regional locations in the UK, Canada, Italy, Kenya, the Netherlands, Peru, Singapore, Switzerland, the Ukraine and the USA as well as 11 partner locations globally. They do this by working with them to improve their communications, assisting with organizational strategy, and through a variety of services such as mentoring, consulting, events, and workshops.

Helen runs the Netherlands branch of IFC and she came to iGina in 2016 with a need to improve her online presence with a rebrand. Read on for Helen’s story and learn how iGina helped her to level up her consultancy business.


Q: Why did you decide to rebrand? What was the chain of events or experiences that led you to think about a rebrand and what made you take the leap?

A: I needed to show more about what I did and who I am. I had a basic WordPress site I built myself for the workshops I organize, but I needed a bigger overview with case studies, testimonials, photos and further information about the work I did as well as the workshops. The basic site I built couldn’t do that and I am not a website builder or designer, so I called in the experts!

Q: Who did you identify that you needed to reach?

A: I have quite a niche audience and they can be hard to reach. They are fundraisers in the Not for Profit, Charity, and Social Enterprise sectors.

Q: (Re)branding is a challenging exercise. What challenges did you come up against? Anything you didn’t expect or took longer to get through than you thought? Or did something go better than expected?

A: I am part of a franchise so was restricted to an extent with re-branding of the logo. And I wanted to keep a similar identity to the parent company as that is fairly well respected and known. I LOVE the website. It turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined and Gina managed to capture professionalism without it being stuffy or dull – just what I was going for. Also, the headshots are amazing. I have had so many compliments about it. Gina’s photographer, Rubianca (hire her!, did an amazing job!

Q: How did your existing audiences and key partners react as they started to learn about the project and once the brand became public?

A: They understood a lot more about what I was capable of and about the wider business. I have had a lot more qualified clients since the launch of the website as it has attracted the type of clients I wanted and needed to keep the business afloat. Professionalism attracts professionalism.

Q: Looking back, what would you say is been the biggest benefit of your rebrand?

A: Attracting good qualified clients. Also, having an outlet for blogs, testimonials, presentations etc. so allowing the world to clearly see what I do and what I have done and why they should work with me.

Q: Perhaps this has already happened, but if someone came up to you and asked you about the process you went through, what is the most important advice you could give them?

A: Have a good idea of what you want to achieve at the end. What do you want your clients / customers to see when they go to your site? Have your content written and ready. It takes time to write good content and a blank page looks poor even if it designed beautifully.

Q: How do you feel about the current state of your business post (re)brand?

A: I still LOVE it. There is a lot more I want to do on the site, but that is down to me and taking the time to do it, but at least I know I now have the option to continue to add to it as the business and portfolio grows. I am really pleased with the re-brand and how smoothly the process went. I would recommend (and do) iGina to any client looking for a re-brand. I can’t wait to get started on the next project with iGina.


Wow!  What a great story, Helen!  We are so glad we could help you to find a way to stand out in the crowd and showcase everything you do! 

This is an ongoing series where we give the stage to our clients’ brands to tell their stories. 

If you’d like to see how we can help your company’s (re) brand, please contact us.

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