Brand Elixir

Comprehensive Brand Development & Design


We spend a full day together to deep dive and brainstorm, then I develop your brand strategy, design your logo, and print your final brand dossier.

The Brand Elixir is ideal for small businesses or funded startups, and is available globally in-person and virtually.

This powerful business potion will be the base of your long-term brand strategy, bewitching your clients and customers with your brand’s unique personality & design. 

Your brand strategy will lay out the DNA behind your brand, including your mission, vision, core values, and verbal vocabulary (what you say and how you say it). This keeps you ultra consistent. We combine this with creative consulting to design your logo and style. Finally, your fancy new brand is all wrapped up in a printed glossy brand book, your Brand Dossier.

We combine the verbal bits with creative consulting where I design your logo and style concept, including colors, fonts, and much more.

Finally, your fancy new brand or revitalized brand is all wrapped up in a printed glossy brand book, called your Brand Dossier.

We don’t stop there, you’ll also get actionable takeaways you can implement immediately and my brain for intense brandstorming that goes far beyond brand-building. I help you build your remarkable business.

Over my 20-year business career, I’ve developed a sixth sense for defining, tuning, tweaking, and polishing brands.
I’m so ready to help you with yours!

Brand Alchemy is About Transformation & Results

Together We’ll Brainstorm + Define:

  • brand DNA (mission, vision, values)
  • strategic position
  • brand story
  • style concept
  • brand personality
  • key differentiators
  • key messages
  • brand voice
  • verbal vocabulary
  • visual vocabulary
  • logo & fonts
  • color pallete

Your Brand Elixir Journey:

First Step

Book It.

When you book your Brand Elixir, we’ll follow up within 24 business hours to secure your session date.

You’ll receive a welcome email with more details on what to expect during the project.

Second Step

Prep It.

I’ll send you a brand questionnaire and the Brand Canvas to help you braindump your ideas on (virtual) paper, get familiar with the state of your brand and identify your most immediate needs.

Third Step

Brew It

The heart of the Elixir is our super-intense, mega-rewarding brand strategy session – either in-person or through a series of video calls.

After that, I’ll begin concocting your individualized brand strategy, brand DNA, creative concept, and action plan.

Fourth Step

Making Magic

We’ll have a Skype review call where I’ll show you a sneak peek of the brand strategy and creative concept idea.

Then, I’ll tweak and refine the strategy, design your logo and develop your full Brand Dossier.

Final Step


We’ll have another Skype call to tweak your logo & Brand Dossier to perfection.

The printed book will be delivered as a full color printed magazine to finish the project.

Congrats! You’re branded!

Ready to get started?

Your financial investment is 1,897 euros + btw (paid in 2 equal installments)

The Brand Dossier.

Your entire brand strategy will be wrapped up in a beautiful glossy magazine. This is your internal guide to your revitalized brand. It’s a combination of a brand book and creative concept direction.

It’s a combination of a brand book and creative concept direction, some call it a brand bible. See me show you an example here (video).

Your brand’s foundation will be defined in this dossier and this part will be very special for you. You’ll find it guides your business decisions in the future and brings you so much clarity.

Your brand DNA will be laid out in your mission, vision, and core values.

We will also define your verbal vocabulary with key messages and tone of voice, matched to your unique brand personality.

The brand dossier will guide your future creatives and answer questions that future designers may have like how to use your logo or patterns. It will provide you a platform to build your brand visually going forward.

It will provide you a foundation to LIVE YOUR BRAND: fully, cohesively, consistently, and authentically.


“The Brand Elixir Program helped me to get clarity on how I am able to provide my different services aligned, authentic and in a coherent way on the long run.

I just love her sparkling energy inthe workshops, her innovative business ideas and her excellent customer service.”

Rita Thomassen

Get Started By Downloading The DIY Brand Toolkit & Canvas

Grab our free toolkit full of visual frameworks + bonus tools for developing your very own brand.

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