Brand Mistakes to Avoid in Your Business

A huge mistake entrepreneurs make is confusing branding with brand.  Branding is your logo, colors, etc. but your brand is SO MUCH MORE. Your brand is the voice, character and a whole lotta strategy.

Here are three common brand mistakes and how you should avoid them:

Not doing the work

Starting a business isn’t just an idea and a bank account, you need a plan. Especially in the beginning, you’re looking to build your audience, but you need to know who they are first. From there you’ll need to do the work and find out how to talk to them, what your company offers them that nobody else does, and give them a reason to choose you.

With a more established company, doing Ad Hoc marketing is likely not a great way to connect with your audience, and let’s be honest- you’re stressing yourself out. Creating a content calendar is super simple and can make a world of difference.

Making a weak effort

Where you may struggle with this is instead of taking your awesome plan and sticking to it, you’ve instead decided to just blast out lots of information without necessarily doing your homework and providing the audience with what they want. In your marketing activities, this can be blogs, social media, email marketing, etc.

It’s better to create three pieces that are clear, concise and truly connect than to just blast out any information that’s relevant to your industry.

*Note: even worse than a weak effort, making no effort. Don’t abandon your Facebook page or website when business is going well or the lean times will be that much leaner!

Moving at a sloth’s pace

Sloths are adorable (proof), however, your business mascot should not be a sloth. In our digital age it’s super important that we move quickly and respond to customers and their needs. I mean this beyond just a bad review online (that you should NEVER delete, and always try to resolve) but also look at your business offerings and how they are responded to online and see if you need to diversify.

Being responsive also means looking at the market’s response to your brand and being open to a refresh. All businesses go through phases of growth and decline, know when to pivot.

There are simple ways to help your business avoid brand mistakes! Just remember to do the work (the first time around), make and effort and continually assess your business- quickly.

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