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Our Signature Brand Elixir

Let iGina build your remarkable brand foundation

Let’s transform your brand

The heart of the Brand Elixir is our super-intense, mega-rewarding brand strategy workshop where we have a powerful brainstorming session and make big discoveries together. I then work my magic to transform your business into a brand, from words to logo to style.

Contact us to find out if iGina is a fit for your brand or project.

I combine vital intelligence from our exploration with strategic direction to manifest your brand identity and experience. I create your brand strategy, design your logo, and craft your brand dossier.

This powerful marketing elixir will be the base of your long-term strategy, attracting your customers with your brand’s uniqueness. You can choose from the Brand Elixir Foundation or a Complete Brand Package also including graphic design.  << jump to the pricing >> 

The Brand Elixir is available globally both in-person and virtually. 

You’ll get clarity on your brand’s

{ Strategy }
{ Message }
{ Words }
{ Design }

I help entrepreneurs build their remarkable brands

Brand Elements

Here is what you get

Brand Strategy

This workshop is a fun, high-energy and thought-provoking full day strategy session to define your brand. l help you to answer key questions to define your business. This serves as the base for the branding magic that follows.

We will brainstorm and discover your:  

  • business roadmap
  • entrepreneurial journey
  • core strengths
  • target audiences
  • brand personality and archetype

Verbal Vocabulary

I will concoct the DNA behind your brand, including verbal vocabulary (what you say and how you say it). It will guide your future business decisions and bring you much-needed clarity.

  • brand DNA (mission, vision, values)
  • strategic position
  • brand story
  • key messages 
  • company bio
  • brand tone of voice 

Brand Identity

I combine the brand vocabulary with brand styling to design your remarkable visual style. You will get:

  • style concept moodboard 
  • brand logo
  • color palette
  • typography advice
  • image style

brand Dossier

Your entire brand strategy will be wrapped up in a beautiful glossy book of guidelines called your brand dossier. This is the ultimate guide to your revitalized brand. 

The brand dossier supports you and any future creatives, answering fundamental questions about using and implementing the brand. It provides a platform to communicate your brand to the outside world.

Most of all, it will provide you a foundation to LIVE YOUR BRAND: fully, consistently, and authentically.

See me show you an example here (video).

Pick Your Brand Potion

2 branding packages to help you at all stages of growth


Strategy + Identity


The base you need to get your  brand foundation right.

  •  Kickoff call
  • 1-day brand strategy session (in-person or split across several virtual sessions)
  • Brand strategy (positioning,
    personality, voice/tone, archetype)
  • Brand vocabulary & texts (about, word bank, elevator pitch, taglines)
  • Visual design strategy & concept (colors, fonts, styles)
  • Brand identity (logo)
  • Brand story (key messages, story themes, content themes)
  • Brand Dossier (printed & PDF)
    with guidelines & instructions to live your brand


Strategy + Identity + Graphic Design

€ 8,000

All crucial branding elements added on for a complete overhaul.

Includes everything in the Brand Foundation plus:

  • Creative design session
  • Logo alternate marks
  • PMS colors
  • Premium font files
  • Social media templates
  • Canva setup and brand setup
  • Complete housestyle design
  • Flyer, postcard, or brochure design
  • 20 stock images styled
  • Patterns + visual themes
  • Marketing & content plan
  • Brand photoshoot is available (additional cost 1,500 euro)

You can learn more in our Terms and Conditions.

Brand Victories

Experience the brand magic of iGina

"Gina took the pain out of the entire brand process (actually, she made it a lot of fun!) while ensuring that all the branding decisions you make are framed toward long-term success."

Jessica Kundapur

"Gina is an excellent brand identifier & supports you in defining and managing your brand. I absolutely adore working with Gina. She is a pleasure to work with and one can truly feel her passion for making your company successful!"

Kieran Canisius

Seuss & Zocket

"Gina really boosted my thinking processes about my company at just the time when I was moving to another level. She helped to shape the branding messages and house style but most importantly helped me to get all my thoughts and plans in order."

Jane Stephensen

knowboundaries coaching


Frequently asked questions


I work with all sorts of brands In more than 16 industries, including gaming, consulting, consumer products, finance, coaching, retail, non-profit, education, and more.


Once you apply, I’ll send you a quote for the specific package you need. When that is accepted, you’ll receive a contract and the first payment invoice. Invoices can be paid by bank transfer or online with credit cards.



In our sessions, I expect an open mind, an eagerness to explore your ultimate core, the passion to jump right in with both feet, and the knowledge of your industry and customers that will allow us to build a good strategy. It’s a collaboration and we will work hard through the project to build your remarkable brand.


While I have a good understanding of Dutch, I am sorry that I cannot work in Dutch. All of my sessions and correspondences are in English. However, for an added fee, one of my talented translators can help transform your output into Dutch, if you require it.


I welcome you to my offices in Amsterdam or Almere with open arms for your sessions and meetings! However, I understand that Almere may not be the most convenient for everyone, and I’m more than happy to travel to your office (travel expenses will be added to the monthly invoice). I can also arrange a rental location in Hoofdoorp (expenses not included).

I also work worldwide!  Clients either fly me to their location for the strategy day or we have virtual sessions through Zoom. 


Sure! Check out the Addon: Website for more information. 

Contact us to find out if iGina is a fit for your brand or project.

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We've worked with companies in more than 18 industries like creative entrepreneurs, wellness experts, coaches, restaurants, technology, life-science, freelancers, and service professionals. Have a look around some of our remarkable brands.

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We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients during the entire process to ensure that our brands are a true representation of your vision and resonate with you and your customers.

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