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With this FREE DIY Brand Toolkit & Canvas, you’ll be able to design, understand, and improve your company brand by sketching it in a simple framework.


Visual, lean approach is proven to be both fast & effective.



Give it a try to find out why this one-page-framework is so easy to use.




Simple blocks combined with guiding questions drive you to map out a focused direction forward.


Easy-to-use Framework


Brand ≠ Logo


Get powerful clarity on your strategy

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Avoid over-complicating your strategy

Achieve consistency in your message and image

See everything in 1 concise overview page per topic

All in a simple, efficient, flexible and visual framework.

This download is the core of everything about your brand and I’ve developed an easy to work canvas you can fill in when working on your own unique brand strategy.

With the FREE DIY Brand Toolkit & Canvas, you’ll be able to sketch out your brand strategy in a simple framework.

Uncover and unlock the truly powerful authenticity of your business now.




“Branding is so important even when you’re a social group trying to bring in members. The iGina Brand Toolkit laid out all the information we needed to boost our image in a clear and concise way and has helped us immensely!”



“I had a lot of ideas in my head but nothing on paper, the Brand Canvas was thorough and simple enough at the same time to help me. “



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About Gina Dunn

Whether it’s start-ups just getting off the ground or bigger businesses smack dab in the middle of a big growth phase, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs begin or build their brand journey for nearly 20 years.

Helping passionate people find brand clarity, concoct spot-on brand strategy, and craft creative concepts is what I do. (And I LOVE it!).  I’ve built a boutique brand strategy company doing exactly what I love.