Stand out from competition using your brand

Differentiation is an absolute must in today’s noisy market, but it’s hard to know where to start. Only through careful planning, and execution, can you truly set up your business for success. You may be wondering if your business is missing out. Let’s look at how you can differentiate yourself from the rest and stand out from competition.  

Getting started

Let’s start at the beginning with something called your brand archetype. Your brand archetype is the personality of your brand and this is important because we identify with people, not products.

Archetypes are a tried and trued method used in more than just branding. You can find these 12 standard archetypes, or a combination of them, in movies, books, and plays all over the word. All characters are based on archetypes.

Think about your audience and what they are like, what problem can you solve for them? Are they overworked? Under-paid? Or overwhelmed?

Once you know how they feel you can begin to think about how your brand can talk to them personally. The twelve distinct archetypes can help you better identify your audience and the best way to appeal to them with your brand.

The archetype line-up

graphic_archetypes stand out from competition

  • Is your brand Royal (like Lexus), a Caregiver (like Dove), or a Hero (like Nike)?
  • Maybe your brand is more focused on speaking to everyone, the everyman/woman archetype (like Ikea or WalMart) is relatable, down-to-earth and strives to never leave anyone out.
  • It could be that your brand is Innocent and that your customers really identify with a “be good, do good” message and love the idealism your brand represents (think, Innocent drinks).
  • If your brand had a spokeswoman it would be the always chipper and encouraging like Glinda the Good Witch (from Wizard of Oz).
  • If these don’t seem to be quite right, no worries! There’s still the Creator (Lego), Explorer (Jeep or The North Face), Maverick (Harley-Davidson), Entertainer (Dollar Shave Club), Lover (Hallmark), Sage (Google), and Magician (Apple).

Ready to stand out from competition?

So what’s your archetype? Do your business a favor and get a sense of direction on your brand’s style and motivation.

Not sure where to start? Download our brand Canvas here or send us an email if you want to give your brand the TLC it needs to stand out from competition.

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