Brand Bootcamp Wrap-up and Insights7 min read

iGina proudly debuted the very first Brand Bootcamp workshop group event in Amsterdam.

The 15th of September was a proud moment for myself and the team here at iGina as we launched our first, 5-hour branding sprint group workshop called Brand Bootcamp.

It has always been part of my plan to launch a group branding event, and the wheels were firmly set in motion after I spoke at this year’s FIGT18 back in March.

After the FIGT18 event, I was inundated with questions from start-ups and budding entrepreneurs and finally decided, it was time to put together my own group iGina workshop.

Fast forward 6 months and iGina’s Brand Bootcamp was born.

What is Brand Bootcamp?

Quite simply I designed Brand Bootcamp to give solo entrepreneurs and start-ups the tools to harness their brand’s direction.

The workshop gave an exclusive chance for individuals to work peer-to-peer with other business owners to define their:

  • audience
  • competition
  • brand values

Brand Bootcamp Debut

For the maiden edition of Brand Bootcamp, we were joined by entrepreneurs from coaching, translation, web design, executive development, and creative industries.

The workshop ran for 5-hours and was a fast-paced, hands-on sprint. We ran through 4 branding exercises. We aimed to open people’s perception and ability to see the bigger business picture by having the opportunity to work through the exercises using each other’s real-life brands.

I was also delighted to introduce the guest speaker and iGina client Garlyn Jenniskens who joined us to discuss her very intriguing personal entrepreneurial journey and shared her tips on how to follow your ideas through to success.

During the afternoon break, I coordinated a peer-to-peer networking lunch, where attendees discussed their brands and business together followed by a mini brand presentation.

The event was a huge success and we received some great positive feedback from attendees.

I look forward to setting the date for our second edition early next year!

What Participants Said

Following our big day, we asked participants to tell us what they thought of the event through a survey.

Here’s an infographic about what they had to say.


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