Brand Alchemy Library Doors are Open Now!

It’s official. Today is the day!  The doors are now open for the Brand Alchemy Library and you can become a Founding Member before December 1st.

Guiding entrepreneurs on their journey to a remarkable brand is the mission of the Brand Alchemy Library. My passion project is now live and you can join me inside the Brand Alchemy Library membership!

For many of us, running or launching our business while facing a global pandemic has opened up a whole new range of challenges: from pivoting businesses models, evolving customer groups, saving money, and time efficiency – just to name a few. I want to support and help, especially at this time. I wanted to give back. My passion project was born from the desire to help even more people around the world in a affordable way!

Your Struggle Ends Right Here

The Brand Alchemy Library is a supportive community and resource vault designed to help your business thrive.

Inside, my #1 priority is to help entrepreneurs break free of the cycle of spending hours and hours googling how to’s and templates. The resources I provide in the library are 100% vetted and the exact frameworks, templates, exercises, and worksheets that I use with my clients to:

  • build brands
  • setup businesses
  • run day-to-day projects
  • action marketing and brand strategies

Learn more about what this platform has to offer and how you can join today!

But, I’ll tell you now, if truly becoming a remarkable brand is your goal, you NEED to be in the Brand Alchemy Library

Watch this video to take a tour of the membership.  

What to Expect

You’ll get the following with your membership:

  • 55+ resources to build your brand and run your business
  • up to 4 brand new resources added monthly
  • LIVE membership-only Zoom group calls 
  • Members-only rewards and perks

How to Join

Sound good? Click here to get all the details and grab your membership.

Just imagine:

  • being able to do things quicker – without overthinking about all the things you need to do in your business
  • finding incomparable clarity… which as an entrepreneur translates to productivity – the absolute best use of your time
  • being confident enough to go out and live – where it becomes second nature to your
  • seeing a clear path forward as everything links together to propel you toward the future
  • having more pride in your remarkable brand
  • finding a support group of like-minded business owners and a north star led by strategy
  • getting a clear target (vision) to aim for and a plan of how to get there (and in what order)
  • being able to request new resources specific to your business, industry, and application

That’s what you’ll get when you join me in the Brand Alchemy Library. 

Until next time,

Who am I? 

I'm Gina Dunn, Brand Strategist and CEO of iGina - and my mission is to help entrepreneurs to define and build brands. Let's bring your brand to life!

Did you know that brand-led businesses outperform their competition by 83%? Get started by mapping out your very own brand strategy yourself with our Brand Canvas - get it here.