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Welcoming Agatha to the iGina team

Recently, the iGina team welcomed intern superstar Agatha Obeng on board. Agatha joins the rapidly expanding, international iGina team and earlier this week, we sat down over a cup of coffee to find out more.

Meet some remarkable brands we love

In the final part of my remarkable brands series… we get the chance to sit down with 2 amazing owners of truly remarkable brands. They’ll share vital tips on getting your brand to work for you, and I’ll share a few of my own tips to get you on target to a remarkable brand!

Avoid This Common Branding Misunderstanding

Starting your business is hard. Growing your business is even harder. Branding your business may seem easy in comparison to just simply starting a business, but over and over I see entrepreneurs make the same major branding misunderstanding mistake.

Lover? Hero? Both? Finding your Brand Archetype

The development of brand archetypes plays a core role in the iGina services, and is, in fact, one of the fun, powerful and thought-provoking activities we do during our Brand Elixir workshops. So sit back and enjoy this week’s read on the ever-fascinating subject of brand archetypes.

Join me this March at FIGT18

I am delighted and a tiny bit nervous to announce that I will be guest speaking this year at the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) conference in the Hague.

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