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Roundup: Top 5 B2B Marketing Strategies

This week we round up our top 5 B2B (business to business) marketing strategies. Here at iGina we only invest in marketing strategies that are proven to provide business growth - its part of our lean approach to branding. So take a look at our Top 5 B2B marketing...

What is Lean Branding?

As a small branding agency, we’re particularly interested in Lean Branding, we’re optimized to work more effectively, stripping away the unnecessary and using innovative ways to communicate our brand to get results.  We follow the lean process of building ideas,...

Roundup – Essential Tools All Small Businesses Need

Running a business is amazing, rewarding, and hard…and even more so when you don’t have the right tools to hand. So, to help you along your startup and entrepreneurial journey we have rated and curated an amazing list of the best online, essential resources and tools. 

So much more behind a name, the iGina story

Hi guys! Gina’s the name – and branding’s the game. It’s safe to say I’m a little obsessed with branding. I take my clients far beyond the simple side of it, offering personal insight - from intense brainstorming to business mind-mapping, products to...

How To Be a Good Client

We all know a bad customer when we work with one, but have you ever considered what it takes to be a good client?   The majority of us out there are good people, and we sure want to be perceived that way. It works exactly the same in business, agencies and clients...

Is It Time To Rebrand?

If you’re reading this post and the title caught your attention then it’s likely a rebrand has been on your mind. As you know, iGina is a full-service boutique brand development agency, we specialize in all things Brand, and we are constantly looking for ways to help...

5 Reasons to Subscribe to the Brand Scoop

One of my ongoing goals is to help business owners embrace the power of their brand – and in doing so, transform their businesses. So we recently did a cool reboot of our monthly brand scoop newsletter. In our humble opinion, there's simply no better way to stay...

Brand Story of knowboundaries

We are really excited for this new series of blog posts where our fabulous clients get to share their brand stories with you! Our first post in this series is an interview with Jane Stephensen from knowboundaries in the Netherlands.

Essential Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet 2017

Our favorite social media platforms like to keep us on our toes by forever changing their appearance and layout, not to mention those all important dimensions and image upload requirements. It's no easy task keeping on top of all the constant changes! HOW CAN WE HELP...

Welcoming Laura to the iGina team

The iGina Team excitedly welcomes new teammate Laura 🙂 Find out more about her here: What’s your name, where are you from, and what is your occupation? Hi everyone!  I'm the all new teammate here at iGina.  My Name is Laura, I'm originally from a little city called...

Brand Story of International Fundraising Consultancy

We are really excited for this new series of blog posts where our fabulous clients get to share their brand stories with you! Our first post in this series is an interview with Helen Maynard-Hill from International Fundraising Consultancy in the Netherlands.

How to Spring Clean Your Brand

This time of year we usually spring clear our house, but why do we limit it to only our house? This is the perfect time to take in a breath of the beautiful spring air and do a round of Spring Cleaning also on our brand.

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