Blog Post Perfection: How To Write and Post the PERFECT Blog Post

You’ve got a great idea for a blog post, you’ve taken the time to do your research and now you want to post, but how do you get it right? How do you attain blog post perfection?

Blog post perfection

Everyone is seeking the secret ingredients to achieving blog post perfection, well today we’re going to let you in on the magic formula complete with a handy download too.

The structure is key, knowing how to layout your blog, and where to have the key elements, such as heading, call to action, content, etc. Once you have this structure in place, guess what, it’s actually pretty easy.

It just looks like a lot of work because of how you need to break everything up into short paragraphs, but don’t worry we’ll explain more in this article.

The Structure


#1 Headline

Take your time to develop the headline, it will be the one thing that is read the most in your blog post. Its job is to grab attention, get people to click the article link, and once there, it makes people want to read on.

Note: Ensure that you use the SEO key phrase in your headline, and try to refer to this title throughout your blog post in a natural way to drive your point back home.

#2 Opening

The opening is just 2-3 short sentences of the key insight you bring in this blog post. It doesn’t need to be long, just engaging. Tell people what to expect.

#3 Content

This is THE meat of the blog post. Write it as a story, trigger emotions, try to paint a picture with words, and remember who will be reading it.

Keep paragraphs short and precise, people will scan so you need to get your points across effectively. Remember this is not a dissertation.

#4 Summary

Close the post, even ask a question, get people thinking, and start to lead this into your main call to action.

#5 Call to Action

Always include at least 1 internal call to action to something on your site (e.g. buy this scooter and link, or signup for newsletter and link, or send us your feedback and link)

Not as scary as it seems

Well there you have it, its a quick and easy guide to blog post perfection, be sure to share the download with your friends and colleagues, and let us know how you get on.

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