About iGina

Strategy First. Design Second.

Amsterdam-based, working worldwide

iGina is a brand agency based in the Netherlands.

iGina is a business founded upon the passion to build remarkable brands and connect businesses to a stronger, successful future. Strategy First. Design Second.

Our Founder

Gina is a self-taught branding alchemist with a powerful and unique blend of business strategy and design.

Her passion for branding has powered her own transformation from a Marketing Director into a Business and Brand Expert.

As a lifelong learner and constantly teaching herself through digital courses, business books, workshops, and most importantly, through DOING. She taught herself to code and designs by intuition. She markets from the heart.

She dedicates her entire being into getting brands right.


As a brand-obsessed strategic business partner, our clients trust us for guidance. We are proud of the iGina brand, now a growing business with a strong purpose.

We proudly practice ‘lean branding’ – we are all about practical solutions and doing the right thing (not a thousand different things).

As a bunch of entrepreneurs ourselves, we make sure we never lose sight of the goal – impactful branding and business growth.

Our Team

Our team is equally passionate as our founder and we are dedicated to your success. We are devoted to helping you master your brand.

From discovery to activation, we will guide you every step of the way. If you get stuck, we’ll help get you back on track, and support you with the process of developing and implementing your brand.

Say so long to being overwhelmed. Let’s break down your brand together to figure out what gives it its special flavor. We have the experience, tools, and team to take your entrepreneurial goals and ideas and reshape them into an enduring brand and business.

Happy to meet you!

That means you’re (at the very least) toying with the idea of branding or (re)branding your company… That decision alone is a HUGE one – and subsequently not one to be taken lightly.

There is no one size fits all solution to branding. It’s a very personal journey and a deep-diving one at that. iGina provides a total package of priceless value that goes beyond the brand building.

We make branding fun!

iGina makes branding your business into a fun, collaborative activity. Our workshops and idea-generation sessions are full of color, laughter, and creativity.

Every single conversation and interaction is lively and positive, filled with discovery and joy.

We make creating a new brand an adventure.

We promise, you’ll be amazed by what you discover during the journey.

iGina Manifesto

A brand is what people say about your business when you’re not in the room. It’s not a logo, or a tagline, or a set of colors – it’s a feeling and a perception. When we’re building a business from the ground up, or when we’re looking at refreshing this perception, it’s easy to become lost in the process.

Find clarity in your journey.
Find help when you need it.
Find honesty and dedication.
Find the magic and spark.
Find your why.
Conjure your remarkable brand.

Open your mind to new possibilities, and embrace the magic within your brand.

Think you’re ready to transform your brand?

Let’s get started with a free discovery call and you can literally pick my brain for free!