I’m Brand Obsessed

I am self-taught branding alchemist with a powerful and unique blend of business strategy and design.

My passion for branding has powered my own transformation from a Marketing Director into a Business and Brand Expert. 

I’m a lifelong learner and constantly teaching myself through digital courses, business books, workshops, and most importantly, through DOING. I taught myself to code. I design by intuition. I market from my heart.

I dedicate my entire being into getting brands right.

Entrepreneur & Business Owner

As a brand-obsessed strategic business partner, my clients trust me for guidance because of my own entrepreneurial journey. I have strategically reshaped my brand into a growing business with a strong purpose.

I practice ‘lean branding’ – I am all about practical solutions and doing the right thing (not a thousand different things).

As an entrepreneur myself, I make sure we never lose sight of the goal – impactful branding and business growth.

Strategy First. Design Second.

 I build remarkable brands rooted in strategy 

Why do you need a remarkable brand?
With a clear and memorable brand, you’re more likely to:
  • accelerate your business
  • get more (of the best-fit) clients
  • sell more products
  • get more traffic
  • and as a result of all this, make more money. 

fun facts about me

From fast cars to hardcore gaming, find out more about me

  • I am a dual citizen of the USA (my place of birth) and the Netherlands (where I call home now).
  • At 36, I became a first-time mom and started my business
  • My coolest hobby will always be my cars, from audio competitions to car shows all the way to circuit tracks (ask me about my multiple Integra Type R’s I’ve had)
  • I’m obsessed with all things coffee, and all things Star Wars.
  • I’ve had nearly every type of pet that you can imagine: dogs, cats, turtles, snakes, a blue-tongued skink, African cichlids, piranhas, a horse, a goat, mice, and more.
  • I’m a hardcore geeky gamer (and retired World of Warcraft blogger & podcaster).


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Founder and Brand Strategist

Stephanie Ernst

Marketing Assistant

Laura Burke

Marketing Specialist

Barbara Joureau

PR Intern


Office Dog and Support Agent

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