5 Secret Ingredients Of An Awesome Brand Story

This week we’re taking a look at brand story components because over the last few months, we’ve been focusing more and more on all the magic ingredients that make successful and connectable brands. 

A brand story is the foundation and DNA of every brand. I don’t mean the once upon a time story here or your key messages, but the root of your brand. What story does your DNA portray?

In this article, I share alllllll the fancy components that make it possible that your brand exists.

Brand Story Components 

What’s in a Name?

Brand names aren’t just a random selection of words, there’s a reason you chose them, this forms part of your brand back story. 

-Think of it like the title of your brand story.

Position Statements

Businesses often incorporate a positioning statement, but sometimes they do so without even understanding why?  A positioning statement is a brief expression of your business and its services and the positioning part is the process of identifying an appropriate market niche for your business.

Most brands have a separate positioning statement for each of their services. The statement itself can take several forms (templates like this this this and this).

It’s internal and used to guide your brand. 

-Why not think of it like the intro to your story.

Your Promise 

This is an extension of your position, its what makes you real to your audience, it’s setting the scene and creating something for them to believe in you. This promise should be connected to what you want to achieve as a business.

Take a look at some very famous brands and their brand promises

-Think of it as the opening chapter to your brand story.

Brand Archetype & Personality

Now, this is something we’ve covered quite a lot, this is one of the most valuable and important components of this blog.

You can read our full article here

  • Successful brands of today recognize the importance of a strong identity.
  • Secondly, it allows their audience to easily connect.
  • And most importantly, of course, it helps their audiences understand the brand’s identity & mission.

– Think of this as introducing your stories characters.

[bctt tweet=”Adopt a set of human characteristics to add extra dimension + connect your audience and brand” username=”ginamdunn”]

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Brand Experience

It’s the journey your audience takes with you. Assess every part of their journey, test it and act as a buyer. Go through every touch point and make it a better experience to your audience. Are you communicating your brand consistently?

-This is the whole middle section of your story.


Every business is different, but we like to think of this as your final chapter. What is the model you use to price your services? What’s your business model? 

-This is the icing on your story -how do you inspire action? 


Just like any good story, here’s ours.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. We know all too well that creating a brand story is not a simple task, so we hope this breakdown of brand story components has helped.  

Who am I? 

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