5 Insider Secrets to Breathe Life Into Your Brand

When I say “breathe life into your brand”, what do you think? Change the font. Add a new accent color. Make the logo bigger. Right?

Is it time to be thinking of your brand in a new way? Don’t overthink this. We aren’t telling you to rush out right now and create and implement an entirely new brand strategy from top to bottom. While a truly troubled brand may need an overhaul, there are also easy changes you can make along the way that’ll help your brand shine.

It’s important to know that you can also leverage the power of your existing brand with people that are already accustomed to it and make it even better. By utilizing current brand equity, your customers don’t have to identify or adapt to a new brand, but can follow along the journey of your existing brand and develop even stronger relationships. After all, this is what you want. Top of mind with your customers. Emotional connect. Engaging relationships.

After all, this is what you want. Top of mind with your customers. Emotional connection. Engaging relationships.

If you think that change is upon you or approaching fast, here are 3 insider secrets that to help breathe life into your brand in a strategic way!


Tip #1 Refine who you are branding to

If your target audience is changing or the value for that particular audience is declining, then you must start thinking of to whom would your products/service benefit more so you can regain the value. If your target audience is still the same but declining sales are affected, start thinking of your product in new ways and try to reframe its context.

One of the ways you can refocus your brand is to wrap a new story around the old that focuses on potential new needs and wants of your customers. This can further influence and change how your audience perceives your brand and your product. For this, you can even do research about what your customers are passionate about and what values they believe in. When your customers start integrating the story you promote with your offer to their lives, the value becomes personal.

Here are a few questions to get you started:
How old are your customers? What do they do for a living? Are they parents, single, or married? How much money do they make? Do they drink a coffee every morning? Have they got a car? Do they leave dishes in the sink?


Tip #2 Change your visual identity

Perhaps your old branding doesn’t reflect your product or service’s high value anymore. You can change the appearance to influence how your offering is perceived. Possible changes could include: a new logo, colors, or an updated website.

Transform your product to appear in a certain way that grabs the attention of your target audience! This can lead you to boosted sales as well as reflect that your brands responsiveness.


Tip #3 What’s your product’s position?

Think. What can you do at this moment to make your product/services appeal to an even larger audience? For example, you can have a very simple product like soap but you can position it differently to children and adults. Perhaps, the children soap can include fewer chemicals or simply look cuter.

You can name your product/service differently so that even though everyone else might offer it you can already distinguish yourself.

You can pick different methods of packaging it. For example, you can package your soap with recyclable paper so that you reflect an ecologically responsible brand.

You can also price point your offer in different ways. If you are promoting a high-value product, ecological no-chemical free soap but you price it very low but you are not producing it in bulk, this might confuse the consumers and make them question the value they are actually getting from purchasing your product.

There is a lot of brand power in product positioning. Real life example: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda began as a cooking ingredient. However, you’ve probably used it as a cleaning tool, odorizer or tooth whitener as well.

business plan

Tip #4 Revisit your business plan

It’s time to dust off your business plan. We know, we know- you likely haven’t looked at it in… a while. But this is a good opportunity to look at your KPI’s and see where you are hitting it out of the park, or where you need to revisit or refocus your efforts.

As a business owner you’ve got so many things to keep in mind, but this one will help you to grow and maintain your business. The more often you compare your business goals to what is actually happening in your day-to-day the less often you’ll need to make big business changes.


Tip #5 Activate new communications

Do you have a blog, Facebook page, or send out promotional emails? Having a plan for what kind of posts you want your page to be known for is a great place to start.

Say you do home repairs, posting client comments or photos of completed projects each week is a great way to encourage client engagement and show off your actual skills! This tip is especially relevant if your business is dependent on repeat customers.


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