Build Your Brand Strategy with Like-Minded Business Owners

September 13, 2019 | Amsterdam

Brand Bootcamp is a 5-hour branding sprint group workshop designed to give solo entrepreneurs and start-ups the tools to harness their brand’s direction.

Brand Bootcamp

With just 10 limited spaces this high energy and interactive session will give you and your peers a taste of brand and my methodology. We won’t just talk about it, we will go through some interactive and deep dive exploratory core exercises together. Does this sound like something for you?

 Here’s what you get:

  • All materials (workbook, notebook, pen) will be provided on site.
  • The day is jampacked with high energy experiential exercises.
  • I promise to leave you with the tools to help you transform your business by defining key brand cornerstones.
  • Enjoy a networking lunch and meet fellow business owners.
  • Pitch your brand to the floor and benefit from the valuable peer insight.

Brand Bootcamp Day Schedule

Friday, September 13, 2019

9:30 am

We kick off with check-in and breakfast at 9:30. You’ll meet your Brand Bootcamp co-attendees.

10:00 am

With Gina Dunn

Gina and the iGina team kickoff the Brand Bootcamp with a bang and some interactive warm-up exercises.

10:15 am
Getting Started With Brand Strategy

With Gina Dunn

Learn what a brand is, how to recognize it, and how this important foundation can bring success to your business idea. 

10:30 AM
Your Brand DNA

with Gina Dunn

Together, learn from Gina as you begin mapping your very own brand DNA. We’ll discover, learn, experiment, brainstorm, and map your own DNA. 

11:30 pm
Giving Your Brand a Personality

With Gina Dunn

What would you brand be like if it were a person? We’ll personify it, give it a name and learn about timeless brand archetypes.

12:30 PM
Lunch + Peer Presentations

Enjoy a networking lunch and each attendee will get a chance to present (pitch time!) their own unique brand to the full group for feedback and insights.

2:00 PM
Living Your Brand


We round out with a super practical and inspirational session all about how you can authentically LIVE your remarkable brand out there in the world. 










Meet Our Speakers

Gina Dunn
Gina Dunn

Founder, iGina

Laura Burk
Laura Burk

Brand Content

Want to Speak at this Brand Bootcamp or at a future event?
Stephanie Ernst
Stephanie Ernst

Brand Content

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Where It’s At

iGina Marketing
Zekeringstraat 7A
1014 BM Amsterdam

10 limited spots

Tickets cost 95 euro excluding BTW.

Group Brainstorm

The day is jam-packed with high energy experiential exercises. We will use them to deep dive, challenge, discover, and define the foundation of your brand.

Find Your Why

You wouldn’t ice a cake before you bake it, would you? Nope. We will begin with the end in mind, iGina will help you to discover the beating heart behind your company.

Peer-to-Peer session

Enjoy a networking lunch and meet fellow business owners. After lunch you will present your brand to the floor and benefit from the valuable peer-to-peer insight.

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