Build Your Remarkable Brand

I’m Gina, Brand Strategist.  I help small business owners build a remarkable brand, attract the right customers, and accelerate business growth.


My philosophy is simple: Strategy First. Design Second.  


Small businesses today need more than a website and a logo. To stand out, you need a remarkable brand that blends strategy, design, and experience. 


Let's Do This!

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How Can I Help You?


1 Day Brand & Design

We spend a full day together to deep dive and brainstorm, then I develop your brand strategy, design your logo, and print your final brand dossier. 

Total Brand Development

 3 Months to Full Brand Launch 

I am an extension of your team and lead your total brand development from strategy to design to experience and finally to launch. I work cross-functionally with your core team. 

Brand Snapshot

3 Hour Brand Sprint Workshop

Together, I run you through 10 intense brand exercises so you can define your brand yourself. At the end, you’ll get a brand cheat-sheet and the captured session materials. 

“Gina took the pain out of the entire brand process (actually, she made it a lot of fun!) while ensuring that all the branding decisions you make are framed toward long-term success.”

 Nice to Meet You!

I’m a jack of all trades by education and a self-titled “Branding Jedi” by experience. I am a Brand Strategist.

I embrace the branding force and transform your good businesses into an amazing brand-led success story dripping with awesomesauce.  I provide full-service brand development and build remarkable brands with a foundation rooted in strategy first, then design.

Clients walk away from my sessions with actionable takeaways they can implement immediately; but they also get much more. Over my career, I’ve developed a sixth sense for defining, tuning, tweaking, and polishing your brand.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

“Gina is a modern and savvy marketing professional. She is so energetic and from our first conversation, I truly felt her passion and commitment to my project. Gina is the perfect fusion of technical expertise and eye-catching design. Most importantly, she is easy-to-work with and she delivers exceptional service and value. I simply LOVED working with her and I would do so again in a heartbeat!”  Jessica at Seuss

“With Gina I finally saw the light. My expectations were exceeded by far. I didn’t imagine this workshop would give me so much, well, clarity about who I was as a photographer. It was mind-blowing and it felt so so good. Everything fell into place and all of the sudden everything seemed to make sense.”  Rubianca, Photographer

“Gina’s Workshop really boosted my thinking processes about my company at just the time when I am moving Knowboundaries onto another level. Her program helped to shape the branding messages and the house style but most importantly helped me to get all my thoughts and plans in order.” Jane at Knowboundaries Coaching

Get Started By Downloading The DIY Brand Toolkit & Canvas

Grab our free toolkit full of visual frameworks + bonus tools for developing your very own brand.